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6 ways to make money in youtube

in today's blog I'm going talk about the six different ways that you can make money on YouTube 

6 best ways to make money in youtube 

now there might be more ways that you can make money on YouTube but I'm just gonna cover these main six because they're the ones that I'm most familiar with so the most obvious way of course is

1 Adsense

2 YouTube sponsorship through platforms like famebit.com

3 philia marketing where you sell other people's products like amazon or flipkart or amazon

4 selling your merchandise on youtube like the create awesome shirts which you can get from the  link  in the description below

5 marketing your own business on youtube so if you're something like say a graphic designer like I  am or a video editor or photographer you can use your youtube videos to market your own business and you can actually bring in revenue that way and

6 finally selling your own products now this is a little different than merch because we're talking instead of something like you know t-shirts or buttons or posters we're talking about actual products we're talking about things like maybe you've made something maybe it's a book a DVD an eCourse so it's an actual product versus merch associated just with your YouTube brand

so those are the six ways that you can make money on YouTube and I'm going to delve into each of them for a brief moment here to create some context I just kind of walk you through how you can actually accomplish each of these

1. Adsense

I went into an in-depth video on monetization I'm gonna do an update to that video that's gonna speak more to tactics but monetization is where you're making money off the YouTube ad revenue this is probably one of the smallest ways you're gonna profit off the YouTube overall just because it takes getting a lot of views to be able to make some real money off of youtube I would say that on average the average of your tuber per 1 million views makes about $3,000 according to the map that I've read it depends on your CPM I do a little better than that so just understand that that's a rough estimate if you're getting something like let's say a hundred eighty thousand views per month which is about where I'm at roughly then you could look at something like five hundred six hundred dollars if you're doing very well it might be a little less than that so maybe it's somewhere between three and six that's you know a rough guesstimate because again depends on the type of ad you're getting the views how many of those users are actually monetized so that's probably the smallest amount of money per month you're got make off of YouTube

2. sponsorship

sponsorship is where you stand to make a lot more money on YouTube overall sometimes as much as double or triple what your channel brings in regularly so with sponsorship the pricing again varies it could be anything from $50 to $2,500 for a sponsorship and that might mean that's a deal per individual video or it could be that they're sponsoring you across the board for the month whatever you're able to arrange and work out based on the deal between you and the sponsor directly or if you're working through a platform like famebit where you bid on sponsors again remember I have a link in the description below so that you can check them out those are your opportunities to make money if you want to make six figures eventually in YouTube then in theory the way you could go about that is if you had 10 sponsors that we're doing up to $1,000 a month of sponsorship with you across your channel and they'd be able to fill that inventory you probably need something like a show like a one-hour podcast or something like that or you need a lot of content like daily content or multiple shows or something like that just understand that to create value for them you need to be able to plug them on something substantial and you need a high number of views people who make that kind of money have well over a hundred thousand subscribers and average something like 10 or 20 thousand views per video so understand that that's how you're going to get those kind of numbers and that that's how you quote them quote scale to making a living off of YouTube or getting six figures is that it's not gonna be ad revenue strictly unless you're someone like PewDiePie it's gonna be sponsorship and understand it to get that level of sponsorship you gotta deliver overwhelming results and numbers to justify it so then let's talk about the next smallest area that you probably will make money.

3. your own merchandise

.aside from Adsense I'd say that the next smallest area that you're gonna make money is probably off your own merchandise so t-shirts like the create awesome t-shirt probably only like we're ghosts of what you guys pay i probably on the mark-up only make two to three dollars off of those t-shirts to start making significant money you'd have to do a huge volume of merchandise so unless you have a huge shopping store of t-shirts and posters and mugs and different things you know like a hundred or hundreds of products and you were selling a ton of those hundreds or thousands of them a month that's the only way you're gonna make a ton of money off that and that's just less likely to happen overall because you know the price point of it and then they have to be something that's unique and interesting enough but then again maybe your audience is willing to support you in that way so you know that's another route that we can go so if you want to make money off of merch understand that it's unrealistic that you're gonna make your living there but is another way to supplement your youtube income

4.affiliate marketing on YouTube 

let's talk about affiliate marketing on YouTube so you could use an affiliate program like Amazon which I have in the description below that you could use to have your audience support you you make a commission off of those sales and your audience actually pays the same price you just get a commission percentage and that could be anywhere from four to ten percent depending on if it's Amazon that's what you would get eBay might have different things worked out for if you are able to help them sell somebody's auction BH Photo Video has an affiliate program there are a lot of websites that have affiliate programs so find one that's appropriate to the niche for your audience let them know that you're doing that like saying something like support the channel or blah blah blah and go ahead and put an affiliate link down there and if they want they can help you out and support you that way it is possible if you have like a tech channel or a gaming channel to do very well from something like that if you have a tech channel and you're you know doing off computer builds and stuff like that you could make a significant amount of money there tech guys who are out there making $100 a day off of affiliate sales so understand that that's a really easy way to make a lot of money in YouTube and you could make a six-figure business around it if you wanted to so that's something I recommend you definitely investigate and just find the affiliate program that works for you

5.marketing yourself with your YouTube channel 

so let's talk about marketing yourself with your YouTube channel and bringing in custom through it um now a lot of companies get this wrong individuals tend to do a little better at this but companies get this wrong because they just pitch themselves and pitch themselves they do the same thing with products too they just try to ram their services down your throat instead of creating value um I didn't intend to get graphic design customers with this YouTube channel that was not the point when I started it but it has been a pleasant but unintended consequence of the YouTube channel and that worked out very well for me now based on my pricing model and everything like that if that continues to happen then that could easily bring a very significant amount of business it's definitely I would say increased the volume of requests that I get for logo design projects and for advertising for marketing and branding projects and even consulting on YouTube channels and brand development so that is something that I really am happy about and that has added a significant amount to the bottom line of my business model and if you have services to offer if you're a consultant a photographer a lawyer you could leverage YouTube effectively if you're smart about it and don't sit there and try to sell your services but make people aware that you do this and speak to your expertise or give advice for free create that value and that credibility and then you can make money that way if you're a company definitely provide value for your audience do things that you know speak to their problems and needs and not just Ram a product or service down their throat you know communicate the value and show them how this product and service is used or how it might solve a problem for them and then maybe they'll be interested in buying them take a page out of Adobe's book or weigh coms book where this is concerned and look at how they market look at how Nikon markets and you'll have a better idea of how to do this without being salesy and that applies the same thing for products if you're making an actual product something that's not your merch but something that's like an eCourse like be the new eCourse that sean barie is doing you should definitely check his stuff out or the stuff that steven Looney is doing you could market your eCourse through your YouTube channel and then you can make revenue that way if you have a product or a DVD like how jared polin has the DSLR video guide the you know video guide for photography the deal of the video guide for flashes you over at froknowsphoto he is doing a tremendous job with marketing his products through his website and you know that I'm sure is making substantial money that's something I'm gonna look into doing in the future I'm going to probably do video guides and a courses in the future and that's something that I've been outlining and I plan to do going into next year probably by the end of this year so I'll keep you guys informed of the process and the behind-the-scenes stuff on that and show you how to do it but you can market that kind of thing very effectively in YouTube especially if you've already built up an audience that enjoys your content then marketing a product like that is gonna be something that's going to be very easy for you to do and to convert that to sales so bonus time I'm going to add in a bonus way to make money in here a

seventh way that I almost forgot about and that is fan funding / crowdfunding you can natively donate to youtube channels through the fan funding thing so I'm gonna pop up a YouTube card for that here so if you want to donate and support the channel you can it can be one dollar five dollars it could be one time it could be multiple times a month that's another way that you can make money on your YouTube channel is by your fan base supporting you through fan funding if they value the content so I would say find a way to remind them that they can do that in a way that's not hokey and just tell them like hey if you enjoyed this video buy me a coffee that kind of marketing allows you to you know unobtrusively ask for that funding and that donation for fans that appreciate it and you know that's a more human thing to do so you can make revenue that way I had a subscriber once to donate as much as $20 through fan funding directly within the first week of that rolling live on the channel so I would say that fan funding is something that could definitely be lucrative to you the other side of that is crowdfunding like patreon where you can give perks for that I've dabbled in patreon just a little bit I'm still getting my feet wet there I don't promote it heavily here on the channel but I have gotten a couple of people who have contributed through patreon before I think maybe two or three people so again that's a very interesting way that you can get people to engage with the content value it get a perk or reward for contributing so explore that and look at that you can obviously do individual project funding like IndieGoGo so the crowdfunding fan funding route has some interesting options to it I highly recommend that you look into that and find effective ways to market and promote it to your audience I'm gonna do individual videos on each of these different ways of making revenue on YouTube that I talked about so definitely look forward to that it will be kind of a series so it looks like we're gonna do seven or so videos on that I might drill down into some specific platforms so I could always expand that later it might be seven it might be ten anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video on my 7 ways to make money on YouTube if you still have questions about how you can make YouTube revenue if you're interested in the things I talked about with the math and how to make six figures definitely leave all those things in the comment section below and I'll try and answer as many of your questions as I possibly can you guys know I'm super engaged in the comments so I definitely want you participating there and I will get back to you anyway like this video if you liked it don't forget to subscribe consider fan-funding the channel while we're at it as always you guys thanks so much for watching and don't forget create something awesome today   



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