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best tips to write content for your blog

in this blog we're going to talk about writing content for your website,

look at the stat over the last six months the increase of emails opened on a smartphone or tablet that increased 80% just in case you're wondering should my website or email marketing be mobile responsive there you go  here is the answer so let's talk about content the vast majority of people have writing content in the context of what you're seeing on the screen but our experience with most people it's it's been like that you know it's a very frustrating this is where we're getting most of the projects slowed down is generating content for your website you obviously you have a beautiful design you've come up with a great layout great images and so forth and so on and then you need to have some content you need to have a description of what  the company is about you need to have a description of your products and services and it becomes a lot more frustrating that what you thought and this is every time we're projects you know get stuck in the mud so the first thing I wanted to talk to you about today is the five mistakes that you don't want to do actually, I'm gonna go over four

1. don't plagiarizing others 

people's content and I know you're not going to admit it or you're going to call it I was inspired by someone else's content but it's really not a good ideaI would recommend that you read content that may be similar to what you'retrying to produce but plagiarizing or copy and pasting is really a bad idea for a couple of reasons the first one is you could get sued by whoever write the wrote the content they could go after you and the last thing you want is a lawsuit

2. Google actually scans the content and it index it

the second reason which is in my opinion one of the most important one besides the ethics question is that Google can actually tell see Google actually scans the content and it index could look at two contents being way too similar and they're going to look at the date that one content was published versus the other and there is going to declare one content significantly more relevant than the second one so you basically are getting penalized by Google for having plagiarized content so it's really important that your content be unique from that standpoint the second mistake people do with content is they write content in what I won't call marketing speak you know using big words and just mark just mumble marketing mumbo-jumbo it's very boring and people will get turned off by it we get
bombarded with marketing messages I would not do that the

3. don't write too lengthy

third mistake that people do is they use too many words content pages that are you know a thousand words I mean a page and a half of content, people don't use don't read that lengthy content you know 200 to 400 words would be you are the goal that you'd be looking for and the

4. hire a writer for your website

you suck at writing content then hire a writer why you be what would you suffer for writing content and if you're not good at it just hire someone you can get someone to write some content right now very affordable on the market there's plenty of people that can do it just do a little bit of research and you know how many pages do you have to write five to ten pages and shouldn't cost you a
fortune now beware worth your while and you won't look like this picture on the screen all right so now in what you need to do I'm going to pull up a company that we work with called accounting software connections and their content was written very smartly and I'm gonna show you some of the examples what they've done and you should follow the same model the first rule when you write content is you should write the way you see you the way you speak or the way you talk no marketing speak so however you talk this is how you should be writing your content a lot more casual and a lot more approachable try to stay away from the big words and why not you know write if you were talking to the person one-on-one I would use short words I would stay away from the long Ella gated words that try to make you look smart and will be a turn-off and on the web so use shorter words I would stay away from generel optimizing your website by embedding page titles or image tags are the types of stuff that people will be like what I have no idea what you're talking about so don't use jargon just use regular words you know people are coming to you and they're the question in the background is is this for me and can I trust you and what not so those are more basic questions your content should actually answer those questions and be a lot more approachable it's really all in the sorry the fourth one it's really all about the page title and then also the windows title but you know in this particular page what you're looking at here this page is about yeah you guessed it accounting software that's what it's about so the page title should really really encompass what the page is about as opposed to great software solution you know it just that would sound - marketing speak and you're trying to be impressive and whatnot as opposed to just saying really what it is it's a page about accounting software in the opening paragraph is really T the truth with the web is people do not read they just don't they scan that words they look briefly at a page but they're not going to be really reading the entire content from top to bottom you actually have very few people that will do that there will gravitate to a few content so look at the page they'll see what it's about get a couple of words see if it sounds like it's something that they're interested in and then they'll take action but reading the entire content is not so you know really focus a lot of your energy on the opening paragraph because that is most likely the one is going to be me read the most as opposed to the rest I would say bite-sized paragraph if you can see on this page right here the paragraph are actually fairly small so it looks like if I want to read this page of this this paragraph it's not gonna take me
forever to read it it's just going to be quick and it talks about control costs with industry-specific software and here it's about inventory control so I know if I'm interested in inventory control I
can look at this the little paragraph here as a title was a title paragraph and it's a small paragraph that I doesn't feel like it's going to take me too long to read that use bullet if at all possible one of the things I recommend most of the time because people will gravitate to that because it's easy so I would say a couple of sentences and then bullet bullet bullet bullet and obviously you want to finish your page with a call to action right here let's talk get in touch so let's just take a look at this page right here and then I'll show it to you in a couple of context we talked about it's all about the page title so this is really important and you also have the windows title up up top and if you see if I put my mouse over it actually says something differently it says inventory control software an in construction accounting software so it's optimized for the web and then here you have the page title I'm gonna show you in the back how you do that you have your opening paragraph you have a picture that actually accentuate or a focus picture for for a page with text I highly recommend to have a picture all the time it just makes it a little bit more colorful and it puts the focus away from the words and obviously a picture that it's in context and then the last thing is the call to action in the bottom that is those are the key components and really important features of a page in the back I'm gonna look at it I'm gonna show it to you sorry from a Wordpress context a lot of you use WordPress so as you can see this is the page title to the page title was actually entered up top it's really important and you make sure that you have permalink which is human readable URLs I don't know if you can look at your website but if you look at  this website it says accounting software connections dot-com forward slash accounting software so that's a human readable URL when Google scans it it actually makes sense for them if your URL doesn't look like that and has a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo after domain name that's counterproductive and it's not good at all for Google standpoint so if you see it on your website this is something that needs to be corrected okay this is it for this week hope you get a lot of value about  how to write content  and you get a lot more proficient



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