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3 reasons to start Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners 

Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners my name is yunus ahmed the and here are the top reasons why I recommend that beginners start the journey through Amazon affiliate marketing 

Reason number 1

if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer you have to have some salesmanship ability if you're not using Amazon affiliate marketing alright so if you're thinking about doing Clickbank you're thinking about mobile marketing all that stuff you need to know how to sell and take people through the process of being a cold lead to a warm buyer now with Amazon you don't need to do that there are specific strategies that I teach in my deadbeat super affiliate system that lets you target people that are already buyers so you don't have to go through this month long process of warming up a lead you can specifically target people that are already in the buying process because of that you can direct them right to Amazon and let Amazon do all the selling for you Amazon has spent a lot of time perfecting their website and beginning people into that buying mindset and if you go with Amazon to Amazon affiliate network as a beginner all you have to worry about is getting people from here to here you don't need to do all this you know warm up process just get people to amazon and amazon will do all the heavy lifting for you alright so that's reason number one 

Reason number 2

is that you can actually make a lot of money selling products that you're not really pitching what i mean by that is like let's say you have a site on audio equipment you're an audio nut and you've reviewed all kinds of microphones that you recommend to different people so what will happen is someone will go to Amazon and they may or may not buy the product that you recommend but usually what happens is they land on Amazon and they're like you know I need to buy that I need to buy this plunger for my toilet because it keeps getting clogged up or need to buy a new chair because my chair is broken so that'll prompt in their mind and they need to buy stuff and when they buy stuff right there at that moment or within the next 24 hours you get commission on all the other stuff that they buy even if they don't buy the original product that you're pitching alright so as a beginner this is a great way to pull in little like side affiliate sales even if they don't buy the stuff that you're pitching arts s reason number two

Reason number 3

this is my most favorite reason is that it's all about competition all right now with Amazon because there's new products and new niches popping up literally every single day you don't have to worry about niches being over saturated because there's dozens of new niches popping up every single day all right now Amazon because there's I was I don't have millions of different products on there at this point you have all these options to grab low-hanging fruit off the internet so there's a lot of that on Amazon and as a beginner since you're not going to have the extreme marketing skill to do the big stuff there's little things that you can just grab that are just floating around easy to grab now a lot of experts kind of skip past all this because they're on a way higher level at this point they don't really care about making two three or four or even five hundred dollars a month with a single site they're looking for fifty thousand a hundred thousand dollars a month in commissions so because of that the experts are out there over here and like Clickbank and all that meanwhile with Amazon you just kind of scoot in right under the radar and just pick up all the scraps that they don't really care about now as a beginner this allows you to build up your confidence in the affiliate marketing business I mean right now if you're a beginner you might not even be in the mind state that you can actually make money online you might not even believe it's possible I mean a lot of people start like that and with Amazon this will give you that realization and the confidence that you can do it alright so beginners I always recommend started with Amazon so let's get in some tips a question that I get here on my youtube channel all the time is do you have to own a product in order to actually pitch it on Amazon the answer is no all right so let's go with the example that I use earlier this microphone it's like a hundred bucks if you sell this on Amazon you get about seven or eight dollars in profit on your end as the affiliate now you don't actually need to own this product in order to pitch it what you want to do is go into Google or go into Amazon and look at five of the top reviews and see what the customer or the the reviewer is saying about the product so they're usually going to recommend benefits some drawbacks your job is the product reviewer is to take all that information and compile it into a very easy to read a report for your website visitor so that's the value that you'll be providing to your website visitor you're doing all the grunt work the research and all that for them you summarized it up into a nice well thought-out report so what will happen is you basically do all the work for them and they'll say all right in their mind I'm satisfied this is the product I want they're going to click your link and buy it on Amazon and that's when you earn your profit now don't get me wrong actually owning the product it is a huge benefit you will be able to actually pitch and sell the product much better if you own it so what I typically do is if I own the product I'll get on video and just kind of walk through the benefits talk about it similar what I'm doing right now like I don't particularly like this mic though but a lot of people do with my experience the difference between a video review and just writing it in text you're going to double your conversion rate simply by adding a in person video review such as some food for thought what you can do if you really want to save money after you make your affiliate site what you what you can do is look at the things that are selling there's usually going to be seven to ten products per niche that you can write reviews about now of those products one or two are going to sell much better than the rest so what I typically do is after I figure out what those one or two products are I'll then go and buy it and create a review so this way you can spent the money that you invest in those products you can you know it's going to get a much better return also view form a business you can write those expenses off as a business expense alright guys 

so there's just some random tips and random thoughts if you actually want to get started and make your first Amazon affiliate site I have a guy that you can access right now click this image and allow you to access the step-by-step process of creating an Amazon affiliate website the guide is free for the time being but a lot of people are saying they're making money just with this guide so I don't know how much longer I can offer the guide for free so get that right now this will show you the step by step process of building your first Amazon affiliate site even if you're a beginner starting out from scratch today alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video subscribe to my channel there'll be buttons I think it's right here I think it's here if it switches up the subscribe button is right here I've released all kinds of new videos on the affiliate marketing making money online passive income and all that fun stuff share this video with your friends and come at below if you have any questions about getting started as a beginner with Amazon affiliate marketing my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate and I'll see you deadbeats later.

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