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23 SEO Tools for blogging To Rank on the First Page of Google

SEO Tools - 23 SEO Tools for Digital Marketing To Rank on the First Page of Google

hey guys it's yunus and I'm really excited to share with you 23 SEO tools that I use in my SEO agency on a regular basis and really really helpful now by no means are these a complete list of SEO tools these are just the ones that I recommend and that I've been using there are obviously tens and tens and even hundreds of other SEO tools out there that may be similar or have different functionalities but these are the ones that I've been using using my SEO technical audits keyword research keyword tracking technical SEO off-site SEO all of this so I really really highly recommend checking these out and I'm gonna go through each one.

now let's get started 

1.kW finder

an absolute amazing keyword research tool what you do is you just put in your keyword here so for example I'm gonna do like a house or something anywhere and it will just load up and show you all the different keywords it'll give you a difficulty score which is really awesome as you can see how easy it is to rank for this keyword shows you obviously a monthly volume the Google SERP which which pages are on the first page so kW finder really great tool actually you get three free searches I've the link below so you can click on that and check it out

2.get keyword- 

I know it's funny name but what this does is it mass produces keywords and basically generates them keyword ideas so you can copy and paste them into your keyword research tool okay for example if I do like house in London or something and do this he's gonna like crazy like generate see look at all of these so it's gonna grab it from google autosuggest it's gonna grab it from Google searches Google related searches and all the keyword research tools is basically just generates it like crazy okay and you stop it okay and then you can copy all this and paste it into your keyword research tool to get the monthly search volumes

3,longtail Pro- 

I highly recommend this SEO tool it's really it's better than kW finder in that you can paste a list of keywords and get the data it also has the keyword research the keyword difficulty score as well its own its own one really great really great tool and it's now in the cloud it used to be a desktop app for Mac or PC but now it's in the cloud makes it much faster more reliable and none of the heading something had before so highly recommend longtail Pro I've used it it's fantastic.

4.SEMRush semrush

is amazing for getting this general stats of a website so if I type in for example youtube.com select the country that I want to search it in click on start and it gives a domain overview that tells you how what the organic search volume and traffic is if there's page or search it's really great shows you their organic reach over time shows you the keywords it has okay also the organic position distribution how many keywords are ranked and positions one two three or four to ten on the first page or the other pages also shows you can competition so if you want to see that the search engine competition and you can see here branded terms anything like this so really useful to get an overview of competitors and what the search visibility is so semrush is awesome


so let's try again youtube.com just because we all know that site so tells us the trust flow ok the trust flow so it tells you what the trust flow is the citation flow tells you what that is and also gives you the link profile as well how many links it has as well so really cool to see backlinks over time so it's great for off-site SEO you see how well it's doing okay so

6.site liner- 

absolutely love site liner because it literally it can for all any website that you want so let's say Volvo comm or something okay's we're gonna crawl that it's gonna start scanning that website okay it's gonna go on that website and scan all the pages and tells you how many there are on there and if there's any duplicate contact because Google doesn't like duplicate content so it literally finds that for you and tells you any redirects or anything like this really really great site I think the basic version you can scan up to a certain number of sites sometimes it doesn't work for some JavaScript sites so for this one didn't really work that well so you can try other ones but site liner com fantastic

7.screaming frog- 

I'm sure you all know of this if you don't I highly recommend getting this this is a also a similar crawling tool you download it from Mac of PC you put in the site and it grabs all the pages all the redirects and all the data like title description meta description all of this and any redirects and everything also the images JavaScript files CSS files basically all the files on the site and you can use this to analyze the structure of the site you can use it to see if there's any redirects that need fixing any head h1 or title tags that need replacing all of this and you can export into CSV and then process it later so screaming frog highly recommended

8.open site Explorer- 

fantastic also you can use Moz Pro for some more features but for the basic stuff I use Moz open site Explorer so let's say youtube.com again something similar okay domain authority tells you what the domain authority is the page authority of the specific URL how many page links root domains and total links and even inbound links so you can say the root domain from external source all links so you can see what links are coming in how frequent obviously as a pro so Treiber you get more analytics but for basics if you just want to look at domain Authority page, Authority this is fun

9.GT metrics-

this is an invaluable tool to see site speed okay so let's let's try our friend Volvo again Volvo dot-com analyze it's gonna analyze a website I don't know why I chose Volvo maybe because I worked with them in the past but at this point it's going to fetch the site it's gonna tell you all the different ways where you can improve the website speed okay and it tells you how to improve it exactly which things it's holding its back and and everything like this so at the moment


has a really great site speed obviously they probably invest a lot of money into here to make it like this but PageSpeed score the yslow score how long it takes to load the page the total page size and the number of requests so down here you can look at the detailed stuff so they still can benefit from gzip compression some JavaScript and some landing page redirects yslow is still can we add some expires headers and cookie free domains and some entity tags as well and avoiding some URL beats breakfast in there you can also have the waterfall you can see all the resources on the page and how long it takes for it to load and in what priority the website loads it so really useful to troubleshoot what is slowing your your site down now

11.another standard is Google PageSpeed- 

tools again you put your put your URL here and it will analyze speed give you a score out of 100 it's less advanced but it still tells you so for some reason it says it's poor on mobile and it's okay on desktop so and gives you some basic suggestions

12.GT Mac tricks- 

is much more advanced again the mobile-friendly test let's try this Volvo com okay run the task and what does is go through the whole site and tells you if it's mobile-friendly if it's if it has the everything optimized for mobile okay for some reason that cannot be reached because it's blocked by robots.txt interesting so that's an error that they would need to fix anyways it gives you a score it gives you it tells you if it's mobile-friendly or not

13.the IE ma redirect path Chrome extension- 

so this goes right into your chrome there in chrome browser and it tells you whenever you visit a page that redirects tells you what type of redirect it is and where it goes so it's great to troubleshoot any link chains and redirect chains or any redirects or trailing slashes or triple W redirects things like this really great tool to have

14.Micro Micro data generator org- 

and you can basically generate local business Micro data schema.org okay and you can also test it with the Google structured data testing tool okay so if I go here I simply put in the business type name all of this stuff and then it generates it right here they can add it to your contact page so it shows up in the Google listings

15.next is open SEO stats- 

ok formerly called page rank stats and basically tells you the Alexa traffic rank the Google page rank I mean that's a bit outdated but you know it still tells you it tells you with how many pages are indexed by which search engine geolocation number of backlinks all of this really great snapshot for you and again it's Chrome extension for the Chrome browser

16.this is the penguin tool- 

from Barracuda actually I met the guys at Barracuda here in London really great guys they're making some sweet tools this one is the Google again a Google extension and it shows you when the google has updated their algorithm who are any updates even if it's unannounced they can analyze it and show you so your website has been affected you can see if it was due to an update or not

17.next is Haah raps- 

again it's kind of an all-in-one SEO tool great that tells you how your your website is ranking it gives you some competitive analysis and keyword research backlinks content research rank tracking and web monitoring kind of an all-in-one tool it's really solid

18.Google Analytics-

another standard out there you can track analytics on your site where people are coming from where they're going on your site so really useful what keywords are using and

19.then the Google search console- 

again you can add your site here and then see what search terms people are using if your website is crawlable submit your sitemap so Google can see which pages you have on that it's really important to have your site on both search console and analytics optimized

20.ELA is another amazing tool- 

because it allows you to compress images without losing much quality so if you have let's say an image that's a hundred kilobytes in size that's pretty big for web you put it in optimized ela and compresses it maybe brings it down to 20 kilobytes but the quality is virtually the same so you upload your images you drop them in there and you redownload them as compressed files absolutely amazing okay sir book sir book I use this for rank tracking on different countries from different search engines it even features YouTube rank video tracking as well fantastic and you basically just gives you report you can send out CSV reports or PDF reports tells you which which site you're tracking where it is and you can see a graph over time it's a really great program the link is below as well advanced

21.web ranking- 

this is a similar one another rank tracking one it doesn't have YouTube video tracking it does but it's not as easy to use I haven't used it and it also has white label reports it has some other features as well like SEO stats

22.Yoast SEO-

so I used this one pretty decent now if you're using a web a WordPress website then Yoast plug-in you need this one because it tells you how well optimized your your blog post is for specific keyword and you can optimize it so that it's perfectly optimized for that keyword so you can rank on the first page okay Yoast SEO- make sure you download install that plug-in in your WordPress and use it and then

23.Google Trends-

 highly recommended if you're looking to piggyback off trending topics and and friends that are up and coming for your content so you can just simply type in what you're looking for so let's say you're looking for looking to create something about brexit you know and in the London so I'm checking this out and obviously there's a lot of search volume but past 12 months let's do past 90 days let's see how much it's been going okay so there's a bit spike here probably from the news but you see over time most people are searching for in the UK Ireland okay all of these great things some related queries brexit news and click that now you can see you can compare this with other ones as well but overall it's a great tool to use for SEO and see what topics and keywords that you can go after that will really get results and create some buzz on social media so I hope this is being really helpful

check out all these 23 SEO tools that you can use and if you have any questions let me know in the comments below if you have any other tools that you use let me know in the comments 



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