hey what's up you guys it's yunus, and in this blog I'm gonna be going over the seven best websites for affiliate marketing all right now if you're just a beginner with affiliate marketing okay basically I'm gonna briefly explain this because most of you who are on this blog already know what affiliate marketing is but essentially what affiliate marketing is  when you go online and you see a bunch of different products a lot of times if you were to make a purchase anywhere online and there's an affiliate program and you went through a link so let's just say that you saw an affiliate link or you saw a product on a blog okay and then it get it gave you a link let's say to Amazon and you purchased that product on Amazon well if you went through a link through that blog post that the person who runs the blogpost is affiliated affiliated with that that company in this case it would be Amazon that person gets a commission so really what this is is connecting people with products okay and when you make a sale for a company with a certain product or whatever it may be in the result of you driving the traffic to that product if that results in a sale you get paid okay that's what affiliate marketing is okay and I'm gonna go over 7 7 different websites here that you can get started with with affiliate marketing okay and all of these should be free to sign up and I'm gonna go over the first couple that I think are absolutely great okay now if this is your first time here on my my channel freedom influencer this channel is to help you create a life of freedom now what does that mean create a life of freedom alright it means setting yourself up in in building a business that generates financial freedom time freedom and location freedom so whatever it is that you desire in freedom in whatever area of life that you want that's what this channel is all about so I'm consistently putting out videos to help you guys make money start and grow a business online so if that's something that you're interested in and you want more videos from me I encourage you to go down subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification to receive future videos from me which I'm putting out on a consistent basis alright now I also want to let you guys know if you don't just want to make a little bit of money and start off doing this on a small scale but you really want to create a full-time income from home I'm gonna leave a link down below this this video in the description when you click that link you're gonna get all the information on my number one recommendation to make money online from home okay and just to show you guys quick proof I won't spend too much time on this but here is a snapshot of some of the earnings I've made to make a full time income online and I'll even refresh the page cuz I know there's some skeptics and stuff out there but i refresh the page and you can clearly see here today I made just shy of 2,500 bucks in the last seven days twenty eight hundred dollars and over four thousand dollars this last month okay so it's definitely something that's real it's something that I want to help you guys do to create freedom in your life again I will leave the link in the description down below but here's what we're gonna do we're gonna jump into this video and I'm gonna go over seven websites to help you get started and get ideas of what some of the best affiliate marketing websites are out there that you can get started with alright

1. Amazon Associates 

so number one is going to be Amazon affiliates or Amazon Associates which is Amazon's associate affiliate program so most of us actually are customers of Amazon so I want you to think about have you ever bought anything from Amazon and chances are that you have now here's what's cool about this is you can leverage the power of Amazon and become an affiliate for free with their Associates program now what happens is the reason that I recommend this and it's the first one I'm talking about is because so many of us have products and we use things on a daily basis that we would recommend to our friends we would recommend to other people and so if we have something like cameras or equipment right in growing a business or whatever it may be if we're if we personally would recommend something why would we not become an affiliate of that platform recommend the same exact products that we would recommend anyways and make money from doing it so here's an example and the example I'm rolling with here is cameras so I just selected DSLR cameras and then you can see a list of all these now cameras and tech gear is a great way to make money with Amazon affiliates because it's a higher ticket product so you make more money when you make sales with these products so you can see here if I just scroll down you can see all sorts of prices 1,400 500 500 okay so if you're using a camera right if you have a DSLR camera here's my recommendation go to Amazon Associates create an account and on either your website your social media whatever it may be promote that link or cloak that link and promote these products saying hey this is what I recommend this is what I use or what a lot of entrepreneurs will do is on their website have a resources tab so at the top you people can click resources and then you have all of the gear everything that you use but their affiliate links to Amazon so if someone purchases through those links you make money but for this example mine the first one I'm talking about here is Amazon Associates okay that is number one

2. clickbank

let's get to number two which is something called Clickbank, alright Clickbank is probably I would  venture to say maybe aside from Amazon the number one affiliate network out there and the reason is because so many entrepreneurs use this website to make money alright so what is Clickbank and what are the products so go to there website, here so you can kind of see the categories here but all of these different categories you can see employment education, e-business marketing business and investing art all of these are different categories of products held here on Clickbank okay and this is an amazing website - come here sign up absolutely free you can pick a product and then you can start promoting it every time someone purchases as a result of going through your link you will make money now one thing that I recommend for affiliate marketing in specific niches is health wealth and I always forget this last one but it's health wealth and relationships okay so health wealth and relationships are the three niches that I recommend that you go in so let's just say for example I go into health and fitness okay now if you are already in the health and wellness you know niche and that's what you do maybe your coach or whatever your case may be maybe you're not okay but if you were to create a niche website or start promoting products health wealth and relationships or what I recommend because those are pain points in those are areas of life that people are always trying to enhance so you always want to pick a product or service that's going to one pick a pain point that people have in this product will help solve that problem or to enhance an area of life for somebody okay and so that's what I recommend but anyways you come to these products here after you sign up as an affiliate you simply pick the products you're gonna get a link I typically recommend cloaking that link so that way it's not some big long strung out URL but something a little bit smaller easier to read and then people click that link and you make money when people go through your link for a Clickbank all right so clickbank's number two

3. CJ affiliate

 number three is called CJ affiliate okay this is what the website looks like and this is a very popular one and they used to be known as something I forget what they used to be known as but they changed their name to CJ affiliates okay and what happens is they have a whole cat you know a whole list of different partnerships and with CJ Affiliate they have partnerships with like mainstream stores box stores so let me just throw some out there like Nordstrom Walmart while Walmart has their own affiliate program what are some basically some of the stores that you'd find in the mall so what happens is these companies will program with CJ affiliate and CJ affiliate as its own business pretty much does all the middleman work so they allow affiliates like yourself to come and sign up you recommend to be accepted to whatever specific program it is that you want to promote and then they're the middleman for that box store or whoever that is and then you and then that's how that works so you sign up here pick something that you want to promote you're able to promote it if you get approved for whatever program that is all right

4. ShareASale

number four is called ShareASale this is another very popular one and I think it's just because of their variety okay they have a wide variety of things that you can promote so you can do popular merchants home-and-garden fashion green merchants business merchants and then they have more you can see the drop-down art music family kids food and drink education just keep in mind what I said about the three niches that I recommend now obviously you don't have to follow my recommendation you could promote whatever you want in whatever niche I honestly believe there's money to be made in every single niche but I also know that in health wealth and relationships that's what people are always always always trying to improve in their life or it's a pain point and so they're willing to pay money to solve that problem and that's why I recommend that all right so ShareASale number four

5. flex offers

number five is called flex offers okay now this website I actually have never used this one but with this one in the next one or two usually at the top top of the website you can see it says affiliate program and then you get a drop-down and so in this one you can see all of the different categories that have digital products insurance family and business okay so you would come here again you can sign up and then start promoting offers that they have again this is you know basically affiliate marketing 101 when someone buys you get a commission pretty pretty simple all right

6. Aven't link 

number six is called aven't link so let me jump over here is that what I just showed you guys here it is aaven't linked okay and this one is just like the last one where it's gonna be at the top but I really like the the look of their website it looks pretty sweet but let's go oh there was one what was it I wanted to mention something here where'd it go okay so I wanted to mention this because I know that people who fall on my videos and watch these are a lot of times from all over the world so it looks like what is this Great Britain Canada and the United States so this is not going to be worldwide if you are outside you know in other countries it's not all around the world so just be aware of that I wanted to mention that so again you'll click at the top on affiliates and then this is going to take you to their affiliate area you get information down here about how it works and all of that and I think they have deep linking in stuff on that on this one as well alright so again this one's called aven't link alright and the last one is called Aven gate so let me jump over here and I will show you this one again this one kind of looks a similar the way that it it kind of interacts kind of just like the last one Aven what was it called dang it Avent link alright

7.Aven gate 

so this one's called Aven gate alright and then the pricing up here I'm not sure exactly how this one works or where the affiliate sign because I thought I went to it earlier earlier so I could show you guys in this video but I'm not oh yes I did it's right here at the top again yes I just couldn't see it there for some reason but it's you click on affiliates alright and then you come here so it looks like they deal a lot with software and SAS programs ok and so basically you're gonna promote now why would you promote a software or SAS pro program as an affiliate here's the thing that I love about the software industry as in affiliate ok I've made thousands of dollars as an affiliate just promoting software's ok now here's a cool thing is people and entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business online which nowadays is hundreds of thousand million zuv people trying to grow businesses online the cool thing about that is the software's required to do this you can a lot of times sign up as an affiliate and promote those software's promote those programs - excuse me - business owners - entrepreneurs and then when they buy that you know they're gonna buy these software's anyways you can make a commission so that's what I really like about this one so you guys that is my my list of the affiliate websites that you can go and get started with I would recommend if you're brand new to this like if you have no experience with this or you do have a little bit I would recommend first of all go down click the link below because when you go into there you're gonna see step by step how to make a full time income in yes with affiliate marketing but if you were gonna sign up to one of these 7 programs this is what I would I would recommend to you go sign up as an Amazon associate find products that you know that you maybe use already or that you could give recommendations about and then also go to clickbank alright so those are my two that I would recommend signing up to aside from going through my link down below where also I'm gonna give you a free ebook on how you can do all of this and make a full-time income right it's step by step alright you guys I hope that this video helped you out if it did let me know by hitting that thumbs up it really does help the video and I appreciate that and then also if you have comments questions or anything for me or the community here drop a comment down below this video in the comment section and I will engage with you guys down there and then of course if this is your first time here on freedom influencer and you want more videos about how to make money how to make passive income how to grow an online business that's exactly what this this entire channel is all about my mission is to help you guys create a life of freedom and not just talk the talk but walk the walk to show you that if I can make a full-time income online and I'm nobody special that proves that you can do the same thing and so my mission is to help you guys create a life of freedom so that way you can do more of what you love and what's important to you in your life




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