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Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | 5 Steps To Make Money Online Without A Website

Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | 5 Steps To Make Money Online Without A Website

hey what's up you guys it's yunus and in this blog I'm going to show you step-by-step how you can start making money as an Amazon affiliate by promoting products even if you don't have a website it's only one it's either swim now I'm gonna walk you guys through this step-by-step but first I want to know how many of you guys are excited to learn about making money with Amazon as an affiliate let me know by hitting that thumbs up down below and after you've done so go down in the comments and just simply say I've subscribed I love having new subscribers here on the blog and I will engage with you guys down there but with that being said I'm gonna jump on the computer and let's get into it alright you guys let's get into this blog Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners and I'm gonna go over five steps to make money online without a website yep you don't even need a website for this so let's go through the steps here you guys and let's rock and roll alright

step number 1-sign up to amazon Associates 

is to sign up to Amazon Associates and this right here is the URL that you're gonna use to go or you can simply google Amazon Associates so let's jump over and see what that looks like when you do you're gonna sign up and then this is gonna be what your back office looks like which now once you're signed up you are able to promote products through Amazon Associates alright so that is step one is to get signed up

step number -pick a product to promote 

step two is to pick a product that you want to promote so now that you're in your back-office over here let's just say and I'm gonna give an example here you want to pick something that you want to promote alright now you don't necessarily have to have this product and I'm going to show you guys later on how you can go about doing that but let's just say for this example that I'm gonna choose the Mavic pro by DJI this is a drone okay and then you click go and then what happens is everything that you're able to promote on Amazon it'll pop up here and I can promote these products or you will be able to promote whatever products that you want by searching this box here and it's going to pop up here and all you do is once you come on this page you come over here to get link I'm gonna click this drop-down arrow and this is going to give you two different options all right you can copy the entire thing and this will be your affiliate link or I can go shorten with Amazon shortener okay and then you can grab this you you can copy that and you want to save this for later and I'll show you why because we're gonna be using this to promote our product okay so that is number two is to actually go out and get a product from Amazon that you know you want to promote alright

step number 3-create a video about product

number three is to create a video about this product now I'm gonna show you guys several different ways that you can create a video about the product alright so for those of you who are on a Mac you can simply use keynote alright and you can create videos with keynote if you have ScreenFlow or you can even use what is the moviemaker whatever the media player is I forget what it's called at this time but you want to be able to record your screen and this is how you're gonna build your video on a Mac now for anyone what I highly recommend for anyone something that's very simple to use is called Google slides alright now this right here is another presentation platform that you can use in it's 100% free and to give you an example of this I'm using it right now for this very video this is being done on Google slides I actually really love this platform it's amazing and if you record your screen if those of you who don't have a Mac you can use Camtasia or I forget the other one that's called it's very very inexpensive if you just google record my screen on oh I remember it it's called screencast-o-matic is another one now another one that I would recommend if you want to make the investment because the videos are very engaging is called video scribe and these are animated videos that you can make and you create them yourself and they even have background music and all that sort of stuff but you would have to buy it alright and if you're serious about doing this and you're gonna create lots of different videos and you're willing to put in the work to create these videos I would say this is you know I would definitely recommend something like this it's 29 bucks a month at the base plan and that's I would say all you need to really get going with video scribe now let's just say that you don't want to make any videos alright and you want to outsource the whole thing alright cool I'll show you how you can do that too you come on over to a site called and what you're gonna do is up on the top you'll see video and animation click on whiteboard and then all I did right here was just sorted by best-selling and now these guys will actually go out and create a video on a topic that you choose so if you have a product that you want to review and you want to outsource it to someone you can just simply come over here and click on one of these like this is ten bucks now these ones are definitely going to be longer and probably more high-end for that price they're 250 but you don't need that you can do cheaper ones and I swear I thought I saw one for five bucks earlier yeah right here so there are some starting out at very low cost you guys so I would recommend doing this if you do not want to create the video yourself this is what I would recommend now what kind of videos should you be making I want to give you examples of the types of videos that will actually make you money by posting them on YouTube and getting them online for people to find them and the first one that I would recommend making is a product review all right now why would you do this a product review means somebody has buyers intent all right they want the product but they might just be going out checking reviews before they make that last buy now if they cut happen to come and land on your video right that's why we're doing this then guess what happens if they click your link which I'm going to show you how to do you're making money you're making money as an affiliate through Amazon by simply doing this process that I'm showing you right here if that sounds awesome to you hit a thumbs up on this video yeah all right so the next type of video you want to do is a product verse product and basically what what I'm talking about here is let's just take for instance the product that I showed you guys which was a DJI Mavic Pro now another product that DJI actually owns and you know manufactures is one called a phantom 4 so I would say you know DJI I would say Mavic Pro versus the Phantom phantom 4 Pro or whatever so what you want to do is you wanna do product versus product in these types of reviews or videos get lots of searches and that's what we want to do is we want to see what are people actually out there searching for all right now all of these things right here I already did the research for you if you did these right here then you will get traffic this is the best way that you can get traffic or some of the best ways if you want to do your own product you know your own keyword research just go to the Google Keyword planner and start your search there and then the last one that I recommend doing is the product best features video so what you can do is you can make a video about the best features of these products that you're choosing to promote alright so that's what I recommend for the types of videos if you're going to be promoting products alright and so

step number four-upload video to youtube

is to actually upload the video to YouTube now this is very simple you just jump over to YouTube and you're gonna click the upload button in the top right hand corner and then what's gonna happen is once you get your video file you're gonna make sure that this says well you can do unlisted I usually do unlisted and then I move it to public once I'm ready for everything to to go out so here and then you'll select your file whatever your file is and so for this we'll just say it's maverick pro review and then I would open that ok now this is one of the most important parts is when you get your video uploading to YouTube is we have to we can't just upload it and then expect people to find it

step number five optimizevideo for SEO

this is the most important part is we have to optimize the video for SEO which is basically just search engine optimization so we must optimize this video for the search engine because Google is a search engine YouTube is a search engine and we can rank that right our video we can rank it on YouTube and Google so what we want to do is right here we have Mavic pro review right if that's what you want to call it and then you just want to make sure that you have whatever your keywords so for this it would be maverick pro review now what you want to do is do a little something extra so you stand out so let's just say I would say best all right best Mavic pro review all right and then what you want to do is you actually want to write a description down here alright I'm not gonna go through and actually write it out but what you want to do is you want to have in your description you want this to be down here you want your keyword term to be down in your description so we would just say in this Mavic pro Mavic pro review i show you top features of the Mavic pro alright just an example but what you want to do now I can see that I have right in here Mavic pro okay and then Mavic pro review I have it down here now one of the most important parts about doing this method is remember we had we copied that URL right here the link from Amazon so we grab our link and then what happens is we come back to YouTube and we're gonna paste it in here so we can say get get the Mavic Pro and then on I actually recommend saying on Amazon and the reason is because people trust Amazon and if you give them a link and it's not you know it's cloaked through bitly or something then they're less likely to trust that but if you actually give them a link from you know that actually says Amazon like you can see that says Amazon then people know that and so they'll trust that and so you're gonna upload this video and be sure to put in your your tags down here as well keywords that relate to Mavic Pro review okay and that is the method you guys this is how you can make money as an Amazon affiliate without having a website so here's what I want to know who's actually gonna go out and do this alright who's gonna put in the time to go do this and create a video out on YouTube let me know by commenting down below if this is something that you want to do, THANK YOU



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