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How To Build Your Brand On Youtube - 5 Ways To Explode Your Brand

hey what's up you guys in this blogs I'm gonna tell you five ways to build a brand on YouTube   and here on this blog I go over marketing mindset in motivation for entrepreneurs to grow a business here online that gives them freedom and here in this blog we're talking about how to build a brand here on YouTube so without further ado let's jump into this blog

1. know your power

number one is to know your power one of the cool things about growing a brand here on YouTube is the influence in reach that makes an impact in the lives of other people now it doesn't matter why you're building a brand or what your your niches or what products you have if you're building a brand on YouTube and you decide to commit to this and you grow a successful channel the potential that you have is so powerful you then are able to reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of people and make a positive impact in their life so the first thing that I want to talk about is the power that you have and if you're just starting your journey I want you to understand this because if you know this going into this you can then build a massively successful brand a lot faster because you understand the power behind it so if you're just getting started or if you've been doing this for a while if you want to build a brand online and here on YouTube understand the power that you're gonna have and it truly is a blessing because you can now reach more people and make a positive impact in their life

2. be passionate 

number two be passionate one of the things that a lot of people don't think about when they start a YouTube channel is the work and effort that's gonna go into this and they don't really think about the entire journey when growing a brand and growing a business on YouTube but I'm here to tell you if you didn't know this already building a brand in building a business here on YouTube or online for that matter is a lot of work alright and so many people will look at youtubers look at people building a successful business online and they think that it's just child's play they say oh you make money or you you have a successful YouTube channel that's cute but they don't really understand the work that goes into it which you know you have to film the videos you have to edit the videos you're gonna have late nights and there's gonna be a lot a lot of work on this journey to build a successful brand so that is why it's so important to be passionate in your videos be passionate in the topics that you choose to discuss in your videos because at the end of the day the reason so many people give up the reason so many people quit and fail to build a successful channel here on YouTube is because they're not passionate about what they're talking about okay they don't have the vision of where they want to go and if you can right off the bat decide that you're gonna choose something to be passionate about and that shows through your videos you're gonna be able to build a brand a lot faster and you're gonna be able to sustain the hard work that actually goes into this because when you're filming videos and you're creating your channel you're Vitt you know all of this work that goes into it you're going to hit roadblocks alright there are gonna be times when you may want to quit but if you're passionate about what you do if you know why you're doing what you're doing in that that then goes through you you're going to be able to withstand all these hurdles all these roadblocks you're going to be able to do the work and then and then at the end of the day guess what actually enjoying it and it is fun because again you know that impact that you can make because of like what we talked about number one you know the power that comes along with it so you guys be passionate about your videos be passionate about the topics that you discuss inside of all of your content

3. Be authentic

number three is to be authentic I can remember when I first started my youtube channel it was just a couple of years ago when I actually decided this was something that I wanted to do and for a lot of people it can be scary to get on camera and talk to a camera because right now I know that I'm talking to you who you the audience who's watching this but you know it's just me right now in in my office at home and talking into a camera for the first time it can be a little intimidating I totally understand that and that's just something that you're gonna get past as you do it when you like we already talked about you know your power and the reason why you're doing this but in that understand that you can be you be authentic in your videos be authentic and it's okay and I know that that can sound scary because you think that people will judge you or you know people have even a fear of what other people may think but I'm here to tell you if you want to build a successful brand on YouTube one of the best ways that you can do it the best way that you can do it is to be authentic be yourself and with that yeah guess what's gonna happen people will be able to see through and they're gonna see you they're gonna see you for who you really are and that's a good thing why is that so good to be yourself well one it allows you to continue to do what you do as you you don't have to pretend to be someone else but then the MOTU number two the most important thing about being authentic on camera and being authentic in your content is that it's relatable because there are people out there just like you whether you believe that or not who will relate to you in whatever you're talking about if you just be yourself and that comes through camera you're gonna make connections with people and be relatable they're gonna be able to relate to you which then they're gonna like your content more come back to your content more and then you can grow more because you built your brand around you the authentic the real you so you guys I hope you understand that it's so important to just be yourself be authentic in your content

4. engage your audience

number four is to engage your audience YouTube is such a cool platform and one of the coolest things about it is that it is a social media platform and a lot of people forget that YouTube is actually a social media platform which allows you to engage with your audience in building a community that's so cool because now you can communicate with them you can allow them to give you feedback on your videos and then you can engage with them in comments if you do live streams here on YouTube you can read comments in real time and engage with your audience and why this is so important one is because your audience can give you feedback on your brand and how you can make your brand better but then to now you can engage your audience and build trust with them and they feel like they are a part of the community and when you reach out and actually comment on your videos reply to people who have commented on your videos they see that you're a real person it builds trust and it makes a whole inclusion of others inside your videos and on your channel and this is so important to build trust and when you can build trust you ultimately can build a better brand faster by building that trust because now people feel like you are vulnerable and you are a real person because not only are you just creating the videos but you're actually engaging with them so number for you guys is to actually engage your audience before we get into number five I want to let you guys know that as part of this youtube series I'm gonna be linking up the entire series in the right hand top right hand corner if you're on mobile and then down in the description for you guys if you want to see all the YouTube video series that I have laid out for you

5. commit to the process

let's get into number five which is commit to the process now if you take numbers one through four that I just shared with you serious and you actually implement this into building your brand online it's going to help you tremendously but here with number five which is commit to the process it's so important to just make the decision that this is something you're gonna do and one of the reasons so many people fail to build a successful business and brand here on YouTube is mentally they didn't commit they didn't make the decision that this is something they're gonna do so many people will come onto YouTube and they say I'm going to try this YouTube thing I'm gonna try and build a brand in the reason that they fail is because they're doing exactly that they're trying and if you can change your mindset to not just try but just tell yourself make the decision right now I'm going to do this and when you have that mindset guess what success is waiting for you all you have to do is start taking the action to climb the ladder and to achieve that success so stop trying to build a successful brand on here on YouTube and actually do it and I'll just give you a tip on something that I did when I first started my channel and building my brand here on your YouTube I'll give you the mindset I had and I still have this to this day I don't care how long it's going to take I don't care how many videos I have to make I am doing this and if you can just commit to that so many things become a lot easier such as look your views on your videos looking at your subscriber base because I know a lot of people will hit that publish button and though wait and no wait and if they're not happy with the results they see they get discouraged and after this happens a few times they end up quitting but if you just tell yourself right now I'm doing this make the decision now you will you will grow a successful brand because you will do what it takes you will continue to make videos you'll continue to build your brand and success is only waiting for you it's just waiting for you in the only thing separating you from that success is the action that you have to take to get there so I want you to understand how important it is to commit to the process hey you guys I hope that these tips were helpful to you in building a successful brand here on YouTube and if you have something that you want to share with me ask me a question or if you have something for the community leave a comment down below and I will engage with you guys down there and if you want to see more blogs like this go ahead and subscribe to this blog.



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