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how to monetize your videos in 2018 3-easy steps

what's up guys my name is yunus, welcome back to a brand new blog in this blog I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to monetize your videos in 2018 because YouTube has been announcing for months that if you apply for the partnership program and if you have a thousand subscribers and more than four thousand hours of watch time you can apply for partnership and YouTube will respond at the end of June and right now it is July so you should hear back from YouTube like maybe like a week ago and for everybody that has been accepted welcome to the team you are now officially a YouTube partner you can now monetize your videos and that is what this blog is all about all right so now that you received a notification in your creator studio or through emails you know st. congratulations from YouTube you've been accepted as a YouTube partner there were basically three steps you need to complete in order to monetize your videos and get paid on YouTube as well

let's move on to step number 1- enable ads

okay guys the first step is basically go to your computer and you want to go to your video manager and right there you can select all the videos that you want to monetize so I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to do that so let's move on to our computer okay guys so now that we are on our video manager it is basically very simple what you need to do so you don't want to pay attention to those green icons because I've been a YouTube partner for years so that's why all the videos are already monetized but if you're new to YouTube partnership what you need to do is go to your video manager right here and what you can do is for example if you have 500 videos there's no way that you're going to just click on edit and then enable ads for 500 videos it's gonna take a long time so what you want to do is you want to click on this icon right here that's going to select all the videos on this page but if you want to select all your videos all 1596 you wanna click on select all your videos so now that all my videos are selected I made over the past five years what you can do is really simple go to add actions and go to ad formats so right here what you can choose is overlay in video adds skippable video adds nonce capable video adds long nonce capable video ads sponsored cars so what you want to do is you want to make sure that everything of those our ads are checked and they want to click on submit and this is called bulk so if you're adding all these you know advertisements on like multiple videos it's called you know adding ads in bulk so it will like show a little load icon right here because it needs to apply ads to all the videos and once that is done as you can see if you go to video sets that are longer than 10 minutes what you can do is you can add in an extra mid rule so let's go pick this video that's like 15 minutes let's go ahead and click on edit on this video then what you want to do is you want to go at the very bottom it says monetization you want to click on there and as you can see your monetization status with you know this icon means monetized and at the bottom you can choose like where you want to insert a major lads you can obviously choose like edit add breaks in bulk like I've mentioned right here you can type in the ads for example I want to have ad per on two minutes 30 seconds you're gonna type in 2 minutes and 30 seconds I want to add I want to make another ad appear on 8 minutes and 30 seconds you're gonna type that in once you click on edit ads and then as you can see all the ads will play on the time that you have filled in and this is basically how you do it you want to make sure that all those icons are you know are fully highlighted and this is how you monetize your videos you know in the video manager and that is basically how to do it

step number 2- configure payment settings

hey guys so now that all the ads are on your videos it is time to configure your payment settings so I want to mention that if you are under 18 your parents need to you know link their accounts to your YouTube channel so all the payments can go through them because you're under 18 you'd like it's a whole different system but if you're over 18 what you have to do is go to your payment settings you can choose a bank transfer if you're in the US or anywhere in the world you can use PayPal and I even think you can actually you know get a check in the mail but I would really you know not recommend the check because for example if you made like $100 and you chose the check option I'm not really comfortable that for example if you live in India for example that YouTube is going to send physical money in an envelope to your country because if it get lost who is responsible for that so I would just go ahead and you know choose a bank transfer or PayPal and that's what you need to do in the settings and once that is completed we can actually move on to the third step which is getting paid itself

so let's move on to step number 3- geting paid

okay guys so now your payment settings are optimized your ads are on your videos how can I get paid well there is a threshold on YouTube that you need to make at least $100 before you can get paid so it doesn't really matter if you have ads on your videos if the payment settings are all configured yet you will get paid $1 for example because many you know networks back in the day they would say like if you make $1 we just pay you $1 so what YouTube has done is they have a threshold so they don't need to you know send 5 cents because that's not even possible if you don't have like 4,000 hours of watch time because you need to get approved at the first place so what you need to do is you need to reach at least $100 and you're probably asking like Alex how many views do I need for $100 well it depends on so many different factors like what kind of ads are on the video is skippable like nonce capable long nonce capable you know so many different factors and how much money you make from from like per thousand views is like how long do people watch your videos from what country are the views coming from for example like India has a way higher CPM than another country and anything like it depends on so many different things but for example an average is I would say 70 thousand between a hundred and twenty five thousand would get you an estimated hundred dollars I would not say that one hundred and twenty five thousand views is going to exactly make you a hundred dollars but it just depends like I've mentioned on so many different factors and I would recommend per month if you want to get paid per month you want to at least have around seventy thousand to one hundred and twenty five thousand views just to be safe and to just meet that threshold now what if you have like forty thousand views and you generated for example thirty five dollars what happens this YouTube is not going to pay that out but the month after that if you for example make sixty dollars YouTube is gonna combine that from two months you know the first forty dollars from the first month and you know the sixty dollars from the second month is obviously altogether a hundred dollars and you'll get paid two months after the month you made that money so that's a really weird system that YouTube has because the money you make in January for example if it's for example 150 dollars you've met the threshold if you make that money in January you will receive the payment in March it's really weird like people that you know have full-time jobs every single day if they work for January the entire month at the end of January they will receive the money from that month but for youtubers for us it's really weird like money you make in August we'll pay it in October so on so guys I really hope I cleared up some things and this is how you make money on YouTube as a YouTube partner in 2018 after you've been approved you know because everything was in a backlog 



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