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11 Blog Post Title Ideas for Massive Traffic

hey everybody today we're going to talk to you about one of the most important things when it comes to driving traffic to your website and that is creating awesome headlines that's right Becky you know we've written thousands of blog posts and this is like the hidden thing everybody's so worried of on backlink profile and stuff but getting good headlines can dramatically change how much traffic you get and here's why you know let's say you've wrote an OK blog post you get up to position 3 or something on the Google search result but you have a really killer headline well most of the time when I google something you know I at least glanced around and you look at a couple of them before you commit to which one you're gonna click so you know if you can even get up to position 2 or 3 but you have a killer headline you can get awesome traffic to your website and so it's not just a matter of nailing the keyword and having that in your title it's really about having something that piques the interest of the Google Earth that makes them feel like hey that guy's got the answer to my question and that's what all of this is about that's right

tip number 1

first thing we're gonna do when we have a you know a keyword something that we want to write about is we're going to Google that keyword and we're gonna look at the competition we're gonna look at the other articles that are written there so number one we're gonna see if if there are three other articles there that are like you know six tips for this and seven tips for that well we're gonna write 11th if we're gonna write 12 tips we're gonna beat the competition and write a better headline and that's gonna guide our the content as well that the actual article obviously yeah and I really think that does matter you know it might seem smart you know okay I'm gonna write 7 tips you know and it's not that big of a deal but it does because you can see kind of what's there like if I'm searching best earbuds best wireless earbuds that's an extremely competitive keyword by the way but you know maybe I notice here you know everybody's just writing best ear buds best ear buds best ear buds 2017 and so I want to see you know what can I contribute that's really unique here you know maybe I can write something like I tested 47 wireless earbuds this was my favorite you know it's just something so unique that yeah you know you can shoot up in that one I think you see a lot of credibility to is a bunch of these things this is the best and it's okay to sometimes go outside the box with with headlines especially if you're going for something competitive and where you're gonna need to have the little luck where you just gotta nail the key word

tip number 2

yeah all right another one is when I when I google this before I even craft my headline I wanna see what type of results I have for example if I notice a lot of YouTube videos in the results one that may mean I want to create a YouTube content instead of a blog post but also it means this is something really visual people need a visual of this and so promise that you know how to fix a leaky faucet illustrated guide with pictures and maybe that's gonna get your poster rank or if it's a lot of YouTube results so see what's out there first before you craft your headline

tip number 3

on the other end of that spectrum if you see that the top result the top two or three results are all forums that's that's just awesome write that article because a blog post can be a forum is if it's a well-written article you're gonna be the forum hands down which makes sense right I mean if you can get somebody to research this and just give you a clear answer it's way better than reading Bob 72 from Smithville so this you know smiley girl 18 says forums are the lowest form of content on the web if you can write a good solid article on it you should beat it most people would appreciate that

tip number 4

okay 60 characters max in your headline it's very tempting to go over I must go to I don't know 40 times a day I bet I go through letter count calm and I just typed my headlines here and you do count characters and I want to make sure it's not over 60 that's always changing how long you can go and there are some exceptions to that but I usually just say 60 characters not one over or as it can get truncated

tip number 5

alright um I want to give you one of kind of the big tips that we use when we're looking for headlines um a lot of times you know it's really important to get the key word and kind of get the main point of the article there in your headline but we also like to include a little bit more we want to look for sort of what's the feeling when people do a Google search what's the feeling behind this is this is really what's the feeling behind what they're actually searching for and one of the ways that you can find that is you know perform the Google search and then go down to the bottom of the page and what you're gonna see is the suggested searches these are other searches that people are making that are similar to the search that you just made and what that's gonna do is it's gonna give you you know maybe eight other searches that are that are close and they're gonna give you a little bit of a feel for maybe what people are looking for so when we look up best advice so there's a little bit somebody's like crafting a little fly like for fishing and they search to be so our keyword that we're working on is beginner fly tying advice right and now we're trying to write a headline that's gonna really catch these people's attention so this is this is really really telling Dan Bice okay whatever that is best fly tying advice under 50 best flight I advise under 100 over here best fighting vice for the money good inexpensive flight time advice so four of the eight google searches are talking about the price of the Vice so I'm a beginner flight tire what do I care about most in a vice it's not about how well it grips it's not about it doesn't have a you know rotary on it it's and so when I'm writing I now that I've seen what's out there and I go down to the bottom but the suggested searches and get the feeling that they're wanting from this search now I'm ready to craft a headline and so you know maybe we're gonna say best beginner fly tying vice : whatever this one is the best bang for your buck or something like that I don't know but because we know that's the feeling as they want cheap then I'm gonna make sure I include that feeling in my headline that's right so we're going to give you a few examples in a minute of different ways you could approach that but you know I guess one way that you could approach that is if you're writing a review of a specific vice you could write you know X Y Z fly-tying vice : the best one out there for the price or the best beginner bytes for the price you know that's great or if it's I'm comparing five vices you know you know five vices tested and compared this is the I don't know the best value for beginners something along those lines so it kind of depends are you doing a comparison article is it a review article of one but either way you're gonna make sure that you hit not only the the beginner fly-tying vice keyword but also the the other keywords associated with the feeling behind yeah and that feeling we're not I'm not saying you know it would be a totally different article if I just wanted to write best fly-tying vices under 100 dollars that's just a different keyword I'm not saying that if I want to do that I would just do that as a separate one sure what I'm saying is we're getting these as a feeling you know it's just finding what's really in their head when they're searching best beginner fly time guys and we just want to make sure we throw that flavor into our headline

tip number 6

okay so let's go to some specific examples okay so if we have let's just go to a couple really well-done headlines one that got literally millions of page views to my website over the course of years millions from one article is called nine weird photography tricks that actually work so I was going with the the keyword photography tricks people are searching you know trick photography special effects kind of things that was the keyword I was going for and I thought you know when I'm searching this I want to know like okay I want to know some cool stuff but like this is real gonna work and so I put that feeling into the headline if it were just 9 weird photography tricks you know we're okay it's like the be- headline but the that actually work really it's interesting it just says like what do we got here you know it makes you want to click it

tip number 7

another example of an this is not an article we've written but a headline that they could go really well and i'll explain why but here's example test the model 3 review : i'll never owned a gas engine again now perfection exactly so so here's what we've done where it's clear you know we've got the keywords Tesla Model 3 review it's obvious what this article is about very very clear I'll never own a gas engine again I have already stated what my opinion is on the Tesla Model 3 I've taken a very firm stance anybody that agrees with me or is intrigued by my opinion is gonna it's going to be interested in clicking on that article and finding out why but it's taking that strong stance is part of what drives the interest if I said Tesla Model 3 review a good car for some consumers who want to bend me on your shirt yeah nobody cares about that it's wishy-washy okay you need to take a stance and so this is a good headline for that and and this is where it's difficult to you're you're walking a line between you know writing something that's interesting and captures attention but it's a fine line between something that's just spammy and karate and people really see through that quickly you know if this is called Tesla Model 3 review the best thing since sliced bread it's like okay you're really into the car whatever you know or a Tesla Model 3 review it's gonna be driving itself in for once yeah I don't know you know just you know what I mean we've all seen those titles that are just too spammy and we're like ant okay you're walking a line between something that's just too vanilla and boring and doesn't peak people's interest and something that's just spammy what I have found though is people are happy when you're with your content when the high when the headline directly says what they're gonna get with know without deceiving them at all you know you have to give them exactly what you said I made them as this mistake this week so I wrote an article camera what I called it was something like aperture on cameras how to confidently set it every time that was my that was my headline and somebody commented on that article and said okay you explained what the aperture is and how to know what setting to choose but you never actually told me how to set it on a Nikon d3200 and I realized like oh I didn't I didn't intentionally mislead them but my headline promised you'll know how to set it and I didn't directly say that actually I was just teaching them you'll know what setting to choose right and so it seems like a fine line but it does matter to Googlers because they want to find specific information so tell them only what you really have for them cool

tip number 8

another good example and this this one was kind of a fun one for me to come up with but this is about a review for a specific release for archery right so simple - archery release that's the name of the release : I've never shot better so this is kind of along the same lines right it's like yes I'm already making it clear what my stance in my position is on this release but this also goes back to the feeling behind the actual the actual key words if I'm looking for a release and I'm researching which one's the best out there the underlying feeling behind that is I want to know what release is gonna help me shoot more accurately there are you know they don't want to know how many features it has ability that's all fine but when it comes down to the thing I want to shoot good exactly.you you buy the release because it improves your accuracy and you know kind of a few other things it helps with pulling it anyway we don't get into that but the accuracy is just a huge component behind picking a release and so that that's the feeling behind it which is why the headline does and it's a great headline but also a perfect example it better be true yes it better be helping you to do it because if you're not being authentic with readers they will know people can smell a rat from a mile away and so be authentic and real when you're doing reviews but you know where it does fit then you know it's okay having little sensationalism it's alright absolutely

tip number 9

21 things you can do today to change your photography forever this is another blog post that literally got millions of people to my website from one page I think this one was successful because you know this is gonna work for lots of Google search results for just general terms like photography tips well look that title never even says photography tips in it it's 21 things you can do today to change your photography forever but you know Google is not dumb not including the direct keyword does not mean you aren't gonna rank for that keyword while it is usually good to put it directly in there a lot of times if you just have something that's a great title and then if somebody search photography tips and they see that they're like oh baby change your photography forever and then write things that will actually change your photography for exactly

tip number 10

one more example this kind of goes back to the the archery release example but now we're talking about scopes okay but this is instead of me reviewing one specific product I'm comparing various products so example here five scopes compared and how they improve my accuracy beautiful very simple nothing overly sensational about that but it's I'm comparing these five and I'm gonna talk to you about accuracy and how these scopes affect that mm-hmm yeah it's perfect

tip number 11

and the last thing that we want to add is good a hit list you don't want to be doing keyword research every time before you write an article or you're gonna get writer's block send one day and just write 15 20 30 really well-crafted headlines and then when you wake up in the morning you're like I got half an hour before work I'm gonna write headlines you're going you're ready to go you just pick a headline and start writing there's no like I can't think of a keyword today yeah because that's done for you once you start the keyword research it's actually easy to get into kind of a groove right and you you kind of look at these related searches and sometimes they click on some of them and you kind of go down these rabbit holes and find key word after key word after key word right down those key words and then spend some time turning those key words into good headlines and you'll have a list of 20 good headlines in an hour easily if you spend time



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