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4 niche site ideas for passive income

hey everybody in this yunus we're going to share with you some niche site ideas we create niche sites for our work for our business and we've created a lot of really successful in their sites they are fun to do and the income has been awesome for passive income but we have way more ideas than what we can realistically tackle in our business and so we have an article at income.com slash ideas where we have 50 niche site ideas like right to the taking like these our niche site ideas one we would actually build these but we just thought at the time and later in this video we're actually going to be giving away one of our niche sites it's actually it's small preserving an income has traffic like it's there so wait stay tuned good later in the video she tuned yes Nickelodeon is just stay tuned for later in the video because we're going to be giving the way to wanted you guys and girls into this blogs

dog spoarts ear 

alright so let's just dive right in one of the ones that sticks out to me right after that is actually dog sports ear okay this is on our list and it honestly you could take any direction you want with this it doesn't have to be sports gear believe it or not pets are kind of a big thing yeah really even a lot of my people love their pets yeah and they spend a fortune on their pets and stuff for their pets you know there's food and things but then there's everything else it kind of makes me regret my decision to have three children and a kid you're begging to you can't just put them back no not that we recognize your very but over the life is it I think the cool thing about this niche is I like the sports idea part of it because if it's just dogs in general it's super and murdered by big sites but something like dog sports is you know you can have the doggy life jackets and like the cones and little things that the dogs jump over or you can have like the running dog leashes and stuff they're just so much in there for pet lovers suit I kind of want to be active with their pets that it makes it a really good niche generally our our most profitable niche sites are when we can recommend some products that are in the 150 to 300 dollar range it's expensive enough that you get a good cut from Amazon when you send the traffic but not too expensive that people hold off and don't buy it that day because if they don't buy within 24 hours of somebody clicking your affiliate link to Amazon you lost your commission

sound mixing

all right one that caught my eye was sound mixing this is one that I know would be a great topic for a site because it's something I've had to learn a lot of I run the improve photography podcast and so I've had to learn how to work with sound and you know mixers and XLR cords and microphones and stuff and I didn't know anything about it before so if you were a DJ in college or something or you like to do some audio mixing at home I'd be a perfect perfect niche site tons of the expensive products you can recommend it's something where people are googling answers and I couldn't find the answers that I was looking for like it was really hard to figure it out like I got a mixer and I just did not I had no idea what all the way dials did until somebody sits down and explains it to you so I googled things like how to use a mixer and just general terms like that and I was kind of coming up with two-handed there just weren't great websites out there and whenever I see that whenever I see that I'm googling things and I'm not finding an answer quickly perfect yeah I'm just super sighted real nobody to Vegas and you there's so many products right and they're not again they're not $20 products you got products in that 100 300 dollar price range now there are products that are much more expensive and that's fine to have some of those yes quickly but again you're going to want a lot of products in that in that kind of price range and some mixing has a ton of them and the beginner just doesn't know where to start they don't know what's the difference between this $100 mixer and this thousand dollar mixer that look I'm the same yep so if you if you have some insight into that it's a great option

mountain biking

all right another one that I that I like is mountain biking I mean we mentioned the worst of working on a dirt bike site and a dirt by a mountain biking site would be awesome I mean you're buying helmets and and you know specialized shoes and the bike itself and all kinds of stuff that are really great and it's specialized enough that a lot of the local stores are gone now that's something you have to think about when you're creating a niche site is you know so many people are doing things like home improvement niche sites which definitely can work but if my you know my niche site is how to paint a wall like you can't see this but I'm painting this wall today I'm just going to go to Home Depot and buy I'm not going to order it on Amazon whatever brush you recommend so I may go to your blog post I may read it it may be helpful but ultimately you're not going to get an affiliate Commission it is something I'm just going to buy locally same thing we thought about a website about like Home Staging when you're selling a home right it's close but it has the same problem if I'm googling how to stage my home it's something I'm doing right now like this afternoon I'm not going to order something on Amazon and wait two days and then staged my own probably right now so it's not a great topic for it and not to mention I mean if I'm staging at home and I'm going to go buy some products that takes my home anyway I can buy good-looking but really cheap products at Walmart Target all sorts of local stores and stuff so there's not a whole lot of reason for me to go most of the things that we want you to think about most of the products that we want you to recommend are the ones where people are going to do a little bit of research they're going to think about and then they want to buy exactly what you told them to buy and so they're going to go online to go buy it because online they have access to everything yeah whereas if it's like hey I recommend that you get you know a fake plant you know that's you know kind of a taller skinny one well okay I can go find a tall skinny fake plant at Michael's you know I don't write for Hobby Lobby I don't need to I need to order it on Amazon right okay mountain biking would be a great one

boat buyers guide

and then and maybe one that I wanted to share is a boat buyers guide does one that I actually did so I wrote this on the list at income school coms slash ideas I wrote this on the list a couple years ago and it sat there for about six months and I thought hi I'm Jan de de son because I had bought a pontoon boat and I had no idea I didn't come from a boating family didn't know anything about it so I spent about a month and I wrote 30 articles on the website big long articles you know I spent an hour to each morning just that was my morning routine is writing an article and I just went through like my google search history of everything that I googled before I bought my books and those were the topics that I chose to write on so I just wrote about 30 articles the things that I had learned the website set and it's set for six months ten months and I was busy with other websites other projects that I was doing but that's how it always is it always takes you know that 1012 months of it just very slow very little happening and then Google runs enough tests on your website in search results that all of a sudden you see we've seen it dozens of times about that year at ten months to a year market really starts going up with no link building it just they will find it and if your content is good it will rank anyway the site started doing really well I sold the website was it a year and a half later after I created it and at that point he was earning four thousand bucks a month remember I only wrote 30 articles a year and a half ago and now I was earning four grand a month and then I eventually sold that website for a really healthy selling the websites usually sell around 31 times monthly earnings so I mean you do the math how much money that that niche site earned for writing 30 articles a really small amount of work and then it just sat there pretty much for two years I may have added one or two articles in the two years like basically nothing though that is awesome and then that's what niche sites are all about



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