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5 Steps to Earn $1,000/month in Passive Income Online

whenever I meet people and tell them that I create blogs and a YouTube channel full time they often want to create their own passive income online but they feel like even if they do the work it would take a great stroke of luck for them to be successful that couldn't be further from the truth in fact over the last few years I've developed a repeatable step-by-step process that's allowed me to build eight different websites from zero to over a thousand dollars per month all it really takes to create passive income online is first setting up your process and then starting today

Step 1. create your site and werite 30 post

the first thing we have to do in creating this process is to create your blog in a weekend and then write about 30 posts on that website usually what people focus on is the monetization and how I'm gonna make money and all the SEO minutia but the most important thing you can do is to just create a helpful website you've got to check out the video we did on the first rule of SEO because it is king for this part of creating your website what we recommend is writing 30 articles as you create your website

10 responsive post 10 of them will be what we call response posts there are about 1500 words long and they answer a very niche direct question that people will type something like how to change the aperture on a nikon d3200

10 staple post (shareable post), then another third will be your staple posts these staple posts are kind of shareable content the things we always see you know 11 tips for better basketball free-throws etc and then

10 pillar post (long form contet) your last 10 posts are your pillar posts these will probably take you two or three days to create each post they're big meaty 30 500 word posts that tackle a bigger keyword something like you know basketball fitness or how to improve your jump shot just a big giant topic so by creating those a third a third and a third at different types of posts it allows you to first your first 10 posts are targeting keywords that are easy to rank for because there's no competition whatsoever then your staple posts start to get some links out there because they're more shareable and they can target a little bit bigger of the keyword and then your pillar posts are after Google is already trusting you a little bit with some tiny keywords it's really not difficult the only thing that keeps the web from being more competitive than it is is the fact that most people start and lose faith they don't see that if they put in the work they can get the reward and that's what makes me happy and what's enabled us to create successful site after site after site is everybody thinks that blogging is too competitive and it's just not the case as long as you go at it with the right approach and if you do that it's a lot more than just a lucky trickshot

Step 2. use youtube to market your post 

it's a process that works every single time once you have a website up with lots of good content on it at least those 30 articles it's a good idea to start marketing your website through YouTube we recommend that you create a new YouTube channel and go make about ten videos those ten videos can be based off of the posts that you've already written your website is up with lots of great content but it's kind of an island it's gonna take a long time for Google to rank your articles such that you start to get enough traffic to really make your site interesting and to be able to monetize it and that's why we need to do something a little bit different to get traffic there rather than just letting it grow organically this is where most people get spammy with link building and if you do that you can get yourself into a lot of trouble so rather than building links and trying to fool Google into thinking our trip our site is more authoritative than it is what we do is we use YouTube we found really good success with this early on with our website camper report because we made a video about RV lengths and the appropriate RV lengths for national parks and we told people go to camp report calm slash RV length to get a full listing of the RV lengths for national parks and we got a ton of traffic really early on and that signaled to Google that people were really interested that information that article ranked really really fast once you have a YouTube channel up with at least 10 videos pointing people over to your channel you're going to be able to make a slam dunk making passive income online

Step 3. implement affiliate programs 

now that we have our website up with lots of good content and a YouTube channel that's pointing traffic over to our website we can start thinking about how we're gonna actually start making money off that traffic and the first way that we're going to do that is by putting affiliate links on our website we're going to link to products that other people sell these can be Amazon links but they can also be through various other affiliate providers like Clickbank ShareASale as well as many many others the reason we wait to do this until now is if you're creating content with affiliate links in mind you tend to create content that's really really product focused and what really does well for us is when we create content that has nothing to do with products that's all about answering the questions people are actually searching online what we're gonna do I'm going to kind of outline it here we have we're gonna have a lot of posts these are all green green means they're not monetized so we've written post post posts in fact you've got at least 30 of them at this point then maybe we're gonna write a couple of new posts that our product focused these are posts that we will monetize with links to Amazon we'll also create a resources page this is a page where I'll actually put all of our recommendations of products for this niche or at least links to articles or other pages that go into detail about these products then what we can do is we can start going back to our old posts and when it makes sense we can link from a post over to our resources page we can link from this post maybe to another post that talks a lot about certain products and what happens is we're able to monetize a lot of our posts but we do it without putting links all over the place again it just makes your site much more authentic much more genuine and it allows you to focus on being really really helpful and not just on how you're gonna earn money through affiliate links

Step 4. put ads on your website

okay we already talked about affiliate links on your website and most people who are making small passive income websites right now are focused mostly on Amazon and what we've seen in our business is actually focusing more on ads we're earning more money from ads than our Amazon affiliate right now it used to be that I just would earn nickels on my website from ads when I just had Google Adsense and would just put a few ads here and there it was only a few dollars but then I learned how to implement ads in a better way to make some real money so first of all you need to know how much to expect a pretty normal cost per thousand people on your website as your CPM is about $12 but it could go anywhere from 4 to $25 per thousand but around 12 is pretty normal so if you have 10,000 page views it's just not that much money I wouldn't really work worry too much about putting ads on your website when you have 30,000 page views a month well you could be earning a thousand bucks and the nice thing about ads is you can write any post you feel like if you're writing just affiliate affiliate affiliate then you just want to write reviews and commercial intent kind of searches for people that are actually going to be buying and you want them to click there your affiliate link right before but those keywords are a lot more competitive so if your primary monetization then is ads on your website you can write anything just a helpful post that will get a lot of traffic because the ads will monetize it and that will help you to create a more helpful website doing it that way will make your monetization more than just a lucky trick shot

Step 5. information products

we told you that our favorite way to earn passive income is through ads but the way that we earn the most money on our websites is actually through our own information products information products are things that you can sell yourself like your own ebooks maybe a video course an audio guide something along those lines now you got to be careful with information products you can spend a lot of time putting one together and if you don't have a good audience of people that trust you and like you and that they're likely to actually believe in your information then they're not going to do very well another thing to think about with information products is how you price them if you have a 300 dollar information product you're not going to sell that very much to cold traffic people that have come to your website for the first time or people that maybe just hit your email list they're gonna need a little bit of cultivation first before they're gonna be ready to spend that kind of money on you and your product the better way with more cold traffic is to have more like a $15.00 information product in fact we've seen that that $15 price point is really really good and we've actually made a lot of money on $15 information products selling very very high volume because it's a low-risk transaction if it turns out to be not that good you're only out fifteen dollars the other thing I want to point out is the amount of traffic it takes to actually earn a good income from information products of the people that come to your website maybe about five percent will end up on your sales page and that's going to depend a little bit on how you funnel people there with all the posts on your website but of the people that land on your sales page somewhere between one and about three percent are probably going to buy your product so it takes serious traffic for you to be able to earn a good income with information products well here's the thing if you're ready to learn how to do this yourself how to build a great website build a good following on YouTube and create your own information products that are going to earn you substantial income



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