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Best 5 ways to earn passive incomes

this is money and for most people we have to give up most of our waking hours and effort and energy to make someone else rich we're treating our time for them earning more money because by the time we get our paycheck every two weeks it's gone by the time we get our next paycheck in fact 39 percent of Americans are the only ones who would even be able to cover a $1,000 sudden expense there has to be a better way and this is a way that won't get you thrown in the gulag for 50 years passive income is great because it completely changes the formula these are checks that I got just in the last week I just looked up my wife's desk who does the billing and did their checks for work that I did years ago and these are all things that you can do in a short amount of time you could dedicate one month of really working at this and get checks for years to come and these are things that we've all actually done

1.write an ebook

so the first one is ebooks I'm working on an e-book for income school right now about 30,000 words into it typically books about 50,000 words so what can you expect I think if you were to write an e-book just really break down and write something a nonfiction kind of ebook and get started today you could earn your first dollar next month journey and as soon as you launch the book usually they show higher con in the rankings as a new book and stuff and even if you did very little to promote it you can probably earn something next month and have a book done so if you have something you're passionate about even a little bit knowledgeable about you could explain then an e-book is a great way to go how long how long can you expect to get that money probably a pretty long time ebooks are gonna be around as long as it's not something technology something that's going to be changing a lot I mean you can get checks for apparently at least 10 years and it's pretty easy to put together it's just something you write it all out in a word doc and I've used Smashwords comm that will do all the formatting and stuff for you to make it available in the kindle ebook reader and the kindle and all the others the iPad etc how much money can you earn from it well obviously it's gonna depend on just how successful you market your book and how the reviews go but you know yeah I've earned up to $80,000 a year just from ebooks now this was a little bit back when he books were a little bit more hot a few years ago but still it's a very viable business model so ebooks are often overlooked but still a great way to earn passive income and you do not have to be this amazing expert or amazing writer do the best you can explain something and get some friends and family to edit it work through it and in a month you could have something published

2.create your own website

another way that you can start earning passive income in about a month's worth of time is to create your own website now this is one of our favorite ways to generate passive is what we do full-time yes and most of what we teach is to build your own website in about a month's worth of time you can put forth enough content to be able to generate a passive income for a long time so let's talk about how it makes money this is a little bit kind of confusing for a lot of people that haven't been in this space a website is gonna be able to make money through three principal means one is ads obviously sell ad space on your on your website for more information how to do that just check out a youtube channel check out income school comm we'll talk about that in a lot of other content the second one is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is where you you talk about other people's products so in the course of your content you've written some sort of helpful piece of information and in there you're gonna say hey by the way this is a product I recommend for this thing whatever your website's about whatever your article is about and then people are gonna click that link they're gonna go buy that product from wherever it is and you're gonna earn a commission amazon has a an affiliate program that everybody's using but there are a ton of other affiliate Network out there clickbank ShareASale many other clickbank there's one right there and you can actually earn a lot of passive income in affiliate marketing and anybody can sign up for these yeah it's just a matter of getting enough eyeballs on your content that you can actually earn money from it so it's very simple to get started the third way and one of our favorite ways to make money on our websites is selling our own information products this is where you can really take your earnings to the next level an info product could be like an e-book like Jim was just talking about you can sell your e-book on your website and then you don't have to share the earnings with Amazon or whoever else you're selling it through other information products could be courses or video or audio guides we like to do those quite a bit too yeah and this is creating a website for passive income is so much simpler than a lot of people make it out to be I mean websites like we've done with camper report like we've did with pontoon guide essentially all it was this I just dedicated okay 30 days I'm just gonna write write write spend an hour every morning and just write articles answering people's questions very simply and I just wrote helpful content no backlinking no social media just put them out there and it takes time for that traffic to come but Google will find your content and get it ranking and once you do that the traffic goes up and suddenly you have eyeballs to start making money from it exactly why isn't it more pup-pup more competitive to make websites earning passive income from it because people quit too soon exactly and they don't follow through with it so if you just spend 30 days and write that content it could be there accessible for years to come yes and you might ask how long is it gonna take me to start making money you know Jim said you got to be patient you do it's gonna take at least three months even three to six months before you start to see really anything rolling in and even that will just be a few dollars yeah and will drops not much but within a year or two it's really really common to see multiple thousands of dollars anywhere from about two to four thousand dollars a month from a website that even has only about 30 posts so if you take a month you build the website and you write 30 articles on the website if you do a good job of it and you follow the instructions that we teach it's really really likely that you're gonna be able to earn anywhere from about 500 to 5,000 dollars a month and you can just leave it then and just let it in money passively or you can continue to build it absolutely in project 24 still a pretty new program but we still have quite a few people in there who have already earned earned money from their websites in fact I'm gonna be putting pins on my map some people that have done that pretty cool and how long is this going to pay off depend it depends a little bit on what your topic is about if it's something really really high-tech you know for example video games the topic of video games is going to be short term that may be within a year or two your contents irrelevant but if you're at about something like beekeeping this content is gonna be relevant for years and you may get 15 years of income off of an article you write today

3.create an youtube channel

absolutely all right the next one is to create a YouTube channel YouTube channels can earn money in a lot of ways the easiest way is to just let Google place the ads on your video for you how much money can that make well with about 12,000 subscribers you could be making 700 dollars per month but it really depends on just how many views you get on your on your videos and getting to 12,000 subscribers is pretty unlikely with just one month of work but an example of this is camper report I made a YouTube channel for that website and I put 8 8 videos on it and some of those videos are pushing the limits of a million views now and they were just simple one takes cell phone kind of videos and other ones that fit another video on that channels at 50,000 another video on that channel is almost at 300,000 views so YouTube grows quickly to get those views now you have to wait a while before you can turn on monetization but frankly that YouTube ads are my least exciting way of monetizing a YouTube channel YouTube is the best opportunity I've seen in the last 5 years of internet marketing there were great opportunities a long time ago with podcasts and different things that were hot then right now the hottest opportunity in internet marketing is YouTube no question that's why we're investing so much time into this YouTube channel because like we did a launch of over a hundred thousand bucks from a small youtube channel like twelve thousand subscribers because those people are so invested in you now it depends what your channel is about if you have just a typical vlog you're a cute 20 year old girl to just you know videos her day that is gonna be pretty hard to monetize you can sell merch you can have ads but you still I mean that's it still a very viable business but for informational channels I think the earning potential is even much much higher but you can monetize the exact same way as we monetized our websites

4.launching a podcast

the next way that we think you can earn a really good perpetual income for years to come in just 30 days is by launching a podcast now most podcasts will have like a weekly episode for a long time four years even that's not what we're proposing here in 30 days you're not obviously gonna be able to make 200 episodes in 30 days it's not gonna happen but one approach you can take is to make a season of a podcast call it season one of whatever podcast it is again pick a topic this can be a really informational it can be entertainment whatever you want it to be now if it's informational then you have the opportunity to monetize this podcast again the same ways we monetize a website you can have information products you can you can point people to articles that you write again you're gonna need some sort of website somewhere to send these people so that's part of setting up the podcast but you can send people over there you can have affiliate products you can you can sell ad space on the podcast with a 30 day podcast that you make with a season of maybe 10 episodes you're not gonna have enough people subscribing and downloading your podcast in the short term to really so much ad space on the podcast and podcasts we've done a video before about how there are a lot of negatives to podcasting I think some people are kind of ignoring as they're teaching people to get started in podcasts there are a lot of negatives in it and we're not we've kind of removed ourselves from the podcasting space because of a lot of those negatives but it still is a viable business what we are encouraging you to do in this video is to start tracking your net worth you every single month this is something I've done for years I know you do this as well I just a simple Excel file where you write in you know how much do you have a new checking savings account how much do you have in your 401k IRA the value of your home your cars all your assets including your debt a mortgage credit card payment everything just write it like this is like a five-minute thing that I do not even every month just every once in a while whenever I think about it and I'll just go on to this excel sheet and I'll just quick check my accounts and type it in and when I started doing this it completely changed my financial future when I started tracking it I said whoa I'm worth zero I have student loan debt a lot of people have negative net worth I have negative net worth and when I started it and now I'm more than a millionaire and the things that changed it were yes I'm very grateful to have been successful in mine that's been awesome but if I weren't tracking this I would not be where I am now and it's because you look at it and you you write in you write it in and then three months later you go right on again and sometimes I'm like whoa I've done a lot of work and a lot of money has come in in the last three months why is my net worth about the same something's up yeah and you make changes and we're gonna make this easy for you in fact we're gonna go make a template a spreadsheet template and we're gonna make it available on our website so just go to income school comm slash Net Worth and you can sign up for a newsletter there and as part of that you're gonna get Network calculator yeah it's really simple but it's been probably the most helpful routine that I've had to just help make that capture passive income and make sure it's actually doing something for me and my family now I know that's been huge for alternative which which brings up kind of one more point that I want to make


one more way that you need to be generating passive income for your future it's it's not the super exciting that we like we've been talking about before but you need to be investing you need to be putting some aside you have a few options of what to do with your money you can spend it all which is what most people do you can put some in a bucket and or under your mattress and let it sit there doing nothing where it will actually lose value over time because prices go up it's called inflation or you can take that money and get it to do something for you passive investing is a great way to go it's very simple doesn't really I mean all you have to do is say goodbye to a little bit of money today let's put it into an investment account I don't care what's through fidelity TD Ameritrade whoever it is just go sign up for a basic brokerage account if you don't know anything about investing invest in a major index fund that will earn far more than inflation and so your money will actually grow yeah it's just a matter of starting even most banks will have something there's just very simple put it over just it doesn't matter if you made the perfect choice whatever but like if you've never invested like make this the month that you do something even if it's I'm gonna take 50 bucks and put them in Bitcoin I whatever it is just take something and start this process to move forward with your money that's what all this is up is about earning passive income whether you do it a traditional means investing we're giving a little bit creative with internet marketing you've got them let it start this month



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