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best profitable traffic sources for Affiliate marketers

best profitable traffic sources for Affiliate marketers cold or warm traffic which is best

oh hi there you know oftentimes as internet marketers and content providers we have the tendency to think that people are just sitting there at their computers waiting for our next video our next article our next email or piece of content to come out as if they're just happily waiting expecting things from us but this couldn't be farther from the truth you know in today's day and age we don't know where our visitors are it could be looking at an iPad on a train they could be looking at their phone at a restaurant with friends they could be watching us on TV and the fact of the matter is is that all traffic is not created equal and in this blog,

lets talk about profitable traffic

what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how to tap into the most profitable traffic source out there for affiliate marketers and content creators and we're starting right now,we're going to show you how to make money online as an affiliate and with all kinds of stuff but right now what we want to do is we want to talk about profitable traffic very very important what you're going to notice is that not all traffic is created equal for examples you guys have to have a guy over here on Facebook and he's just browsing around talking about the latest Donald Trump junk or how much he hates liberals or how much he likes Republicans or hates Republicans or whatever he's just browsing around it might be a grandma looking at what the grandkids are doing it might be a grandpa looking for how to fix his shoes or something like that right grandpa needs a new pair of shoes you might have all kinds of things and this person isn't necessarily actively looking for your information sure you could put an ad and you can target it and you can get specific people and you can target specific groups and specific likes and things like that you can retarget and everything like that but when push comes to shove it's not really a market that's out there looking for you now there are ways to get in facebook groups and stuff like that which is a little more profitable as well now another thing we want to take a look at it's perhaps like Twitter right what are people doing on Twitter what is their mindset and all of this is about the mindset because if you can get inside the mindset of why people are doing what they're doing you can make a lot of money and I'm going to show you how so Twitter what are they doing are they over there looking for friends on Twitter are they looking for things to tweet are they looking for people to follow what's going on you

also have stuff like Pinterest now Pinterest is an interesting one because people are looking for photos and pictures and images and graphics and things like that not necessarily out there looking for what you have to sell or what you have to offer now you also have things like Instagram where you get a bunch of followers and they follow you and you put a bunch of images up and stuff like that alright now all of these are more or less what we call cold traffic sources alright either cold traffic sources these are people who don't know who you are now there is one type of cold traffic source that I really really like and you can fuel all this other stuff but we're going to show you how to all fits together and everything like that but the cold traffic source that I like the best is called search engine traffic okay this is where someone goes to Google and searches for something specific for example if I put a picture of a green pool on Pinterest and I say how to fix your green pool alright most people on Pinterest aren't really looking for that they don't really care about that you might stumble across a few people who are looking for the green pool and they say I don't want my pool to look like that but they're not really looking however if you were to go to google and get people who searched how do I fix a green pool or my pool turned green or something like that then you're getting someone actively looking for information where these guys are over here passive and there is ways to make money on this don't get me wrong there's a lot of money but it's very very passive they're not out there actively looking for things now these guys on Google are actively looking they're actively searching for solutions

now same thing happens with YouTube right if you get listed in YouTube search because it excuse me you are going to get people actively looking for you now the problem here is this and the problem is is that people go on Facebook they go on all these things they go on YouTube they create these big followings lots of people and then you see them selling ads you can get like a twitter ad for like 15 bucks with thousands of viewers you could go and get facebook ads for dirt cheap you can get people to do Facebook shoutouts and everything like that and the reason is is because their traffic isn't valuable to them they haven't created value the average YouTube person is making about one dollar per thousand views that means that my entire YouTube channel that I worked my ass off to build for the last five years is worth about let's say about a thousand and five dollars that's what my million views and 12,000 subscribers would be worth on the average open market now how many of you guys want to spend that time to make a thousand bucks I didn't think so either that's why I want to tackle the right traffic method because the fact of the matter is I've actually made over 1,000 times the average and the way that I do it is I focus on people that I actively want to get that are actively looking for what I have to offer this is known as search engine traffic now once I get the search engine traffic I say hey check out my Pinterest in my Facebook and all this other stuff so that I can keep hammering my message in your face every single day until you buy something or until your opt-in or whatever right very very important

now let's talk about the second the second most important traffic method

the first one and the reason it's number one is because you got to get an entry point this is where people come to you right we're going to target keywords we're going to target what they search for we're going to target what they want and I want you to really differentiate this between these super-cold traffic people who you have no idea what they want you just know what they like you just know what they're interested in and you're hoping to get them all right it is profitable but again it's a low numbers game you've got to get a lot of traffic to make a little money search engine traffic you can get a little bit of traffic and you can make a fortune right you got to do this the right way so the second biggest traffic method is email traffic what does that mean that means that you email people who already know who you are the more repertoire I think is how you say it or the more the more bonding you do with your market the more valuable every click is going to be so if my market knows me and they anticipate good stuff and they want to look at what I'm into and they say hey I want to check out your videos I want to check out your blog post I want to check out all this stuff right if they do that and they collect the email this email traffic is going to be worth a lot of money now if you don't have any anything going if you don't have a relationship with your market right they're not going to want to click your emails they're not going to care so you have to make them care you have to put good stuff out now again this secret works for all this stuff too if you have a Facebook group that knows you and anticipates what you're going to put out next they're going to like it if people anticipate your tweets they're going to watch forum if people anticipate your pins they're going to watch forum if people are looking for your stuff on Instagram they're going to watch for it but first and foremost if you want to build a business from the ground up from not knowing what to do just have an itch just to have an idea the way to do it is with search engine traffic you can do this on Google you can do it on YouTube but the fact of the matter is is there's a different mindset there's a different mindset between someone just browsing Facebook and someone actively searching for my pool is green what do I do or actively searching for how do I do affiliate marketing or actively searching for ways to build a website or something like that the difference is absolutely staggering this is how you fuel everything

now I want you to also remember the fact that these oftentimes these social media type platforms again lots of money on social media kind of like the dot-com deal where people think it's really profitable so there's spent a lot of money on it but they don't really know yet because it takes a while ok for the rest of the for the affiliate marketer who wants to make money now get your ass over the search engines get some traffic learn to convert why because this is going to teach you the real deal okay if you're doing pay-per-click traffic that's pay-per-click search engine traffic okay well that's supposed to be a seat pay-per-click search engine traffic if you're spending 30 cents a click alright you're spending 30 cents a click you need to convert that click otherwise you know you get a couple thousand clicks and it's going to cost a lot of money so you are forced to learn conversion this is why so many people come to me like the gentleman who came to me this morning you say Marcus I go out there I talked to people on Twitter I get followers I get all this stuff and at the end of the day people visit my site but no one's buying anything I'm not making any money so if you're in this to make money you rather than just stick around on social media what you know if you want to do that that's fine personally I don't get it but I like to make money with it so we look at this and we say if you want to do this if you want to do it the right way get your butt out there get some traffic learn to convert that traffic learn to build an email list so you can get the second most valuable source of traffic guys the name of the game is influence being able to generate traffic at the drop of a hat how many cooks how many interested clicks can you drive Camaro right how many interested clicks can you drive if I could generate thousands of pool owner clicks at the drop of a hat and tell them about some new pump or some new cleaner for the pool or some new fancy thing boom I'm going to make sales if I can generate a bunch of people interested in affiliate marketing and send a thousand of them to a new video right now boom instant

now same thing works right a lot of people talk about YouTube subscribers YouTube subscribers are good they're excellent we love YouTube subscribers you should subscribe and be one of my youtube subscribers but here's the deal the deal is if you don't know where they're at okay YouTube sends an email when you get a new video it sends stuff out but again you don't know where they're at they could be sitting on the toilet for all you know they could be out at a party they could be checking their phone really quickly right I was at a concert the other day and this lady sitting in front of it was scrolling her facebook so fast no one could have read anything and that's your ad your ad isn't even being seen so the fact of the matter is is we need to focus on people who are actively searching for us this is a direct response business now this is good we want to do this okay we want to do this and we want to build our business and we want to make some money and when you get a following imagine you drive a thousand people you say hey check it out we just made a Facebook group or check it out we just went live on Pinterest guess how long it's going to take to build a following boom overnight because you got traffic to drive they're my friends this is all about valuable traffic this is about getting people that are in search of information this is about getting people who want to see this stuff they are eager chances are they're not searching for it at the beach unless they're searching for like a restaurant for that night and lets you own a restaurant that's not going to do you any good but most of the people if they're looking up like a leaky pipe or they're looking at plumbing tips or they're looking for how to get rid of anxiety or they're looking for all kinds of stuff like this chances are you got them right there on a computer or a tablet or something like that they're ready to take action are your visitors ready and able to take action first of all are they ready are your visitors ready are these guys here ready some of them are I don't got time to weed through them it's good it works but I don't have time but these people on YouTube and Google and other search engines or they're actively searching for things boom they're ready are they able well you could precondition it and say well if you don't have a hundred bucks you better not click the link okay are they ready and able the goal here as said in one a Jeffrey Gitomer book is to wake up every day and put yourself in front of as many people as possible that can say yes to you how many people can say yes to your offer great probably a lot right how many people could buy my product a lot more than are buying it now I can probably ten times or a hundred times my sales and we look at it and say how can I get in front of the people who are really and able to take action and if I can do that game over I win I go to the bank I pass go I collect more than two hundred bucks and we don't want to collect two hundred well collect two hundred thousand or two million or something like that and we want to put ourselves in front of these people because this is how business works so don't get passed up by all the hype there's a lot of hype about social media stuff and it's good a lot of people make money with social media but here's the deal we look at guys like PewDiePie right the number one youtuber of all time he's got like 50 billion views 50 billion that's insane right so he's got like 50 billion views or something crazy like that right and he's made like 17 million or averages twelve million a year or something like that okay so we look at it and again you might say when I want to make 17 million a year that'd be cool let's go on Facebook and let's make some cutie pie PewDiePie or whatever the heck it is okay good great wonderful excellent goal PewDiePie kicks ass at doing it but here's the deal one in a million hit that many viewers right one is actually one out of eight billion because he's the only one who's done it so if you want a one at an eight billion chance of making it work good you go do that however if you want a way to make this work and make money focus on the numbers because 50 billion views is a lot of use for seventeen million bucks or whatever it is it's even a lot of use for 50 million bucks that's a lot of people I'd much rather focus on what I'm doing instead of $1 per thousand views I'd rather focus on the good traffic and start getting $10 per visitor or $5 a visit or even 30 cents a visitor because most people are making pennies on the dollar the fact of the matter is is you've got to go for the right traffic and the right traffic is on the search engines they're searching for you right now they want to buy what you have right now they want to click your affiliate links right now they're typing it in Google that's how I know they say how do I get a date let's show them how to get them a date and then go and sell some kind of app for dating or something like that or be Harmonie all those guys have affiliate programs there's people looking up how to build a website they're looking it up you get them web hosting you want to be a top 10 web hosting affiliate my web hosting site is not top 10 I hardly even work at it and it makes about four to five thousand dollars a month why because I go for people actively searching for me so the name of the game here is whether you're on YouTube whether you're on Google whatever you're doing even if you're on social media focus on people actively looking for what you have to offer now if you like this if it made sense and it cut through the quagmire that is information overload then what I want you to do is I want you to decide right now whether you want to take the next step and learn this the simple sites big profits course over at simple sites bonus com is going to lead you down the path even if you don't have a niche or maybe you only have a product or maybe you're just new you don't know what you're doing what you want to do is you want to go there because I'm going to teach you how to reverse engineer what people search for and if you can focus on what they search for you can make a lot of money it's very simple don't over complicate it go over to simplify Sabonis com and sign up get the course it's like 300 bucks it's going to teach you how I've made a fortune online it's very very basic all you have to do is get started



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