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how to quite your job and earn money online

believe it or not up until not very long ago I actually worked a normal job in fact it was a really good job I worked in that building right back there behind me now what most people around me didn't know at the time was that I was working on something that it would allow me to take control not only of my schedule but of my financial future as well and now I get to work here so come on inside with me and let me show you how you can make that transition to working for yourself so what could possibly entice a rationally minded person to leave a safe and secure job where they're earning a good income for this risky entrepreneurship stuff making money online it may sound a little bit crazy but hang with me for just a little bit and I'll try to paint a picture for you let me illustrate this by telling you a little bit about my morning today I woke up early about 5:30 because I wanted to and because I was able to get to bed at a reasonable hour I went to the gym something that I didn't seem to have time for despite the fact that my employer had a gym on premises I had breakfast with my family I sat down with my son and had helped him with his piano lessons I did all of these things I saw my son off to the bus I got to enjoy the morning with my with my kids I read a book with my daughter and yet I was still working by about 9:00 a.m. again all of those things are things that I didn't used to do because I didn't really have time or rather I had so much stress and so much on my plate that it was hard for me to make time to do those things so there are really two reasons why I was enticed to do this risky crazy entrepreneurship thing

time control over my time

the first one is what I just mentioned time control over my time control over how I spend my life - many of us spend our whole lives working really hard to earn a paycheck so that we can afford a roof over our head and a place to sleep and a car to drive so that we can get back to work tomorrow so that we can earn money it's just this cycle that most people are caught in until maybe someday they have enough money to retire see I have four kids four adorable little kids from the age of six on down and everybody tells me how fast time goes and I'm already seeing and that I need to take advantage of the time I have with these little kids because before I know it they'll be grown up well that's true and it's not something that I was doing a very good job of before but it's something I can do now because of what I have because I have that control over my time

control over my finances

now the second thing is control over my finances at a normal job it's very very hard to get a raise above a couple percent a year no matter how well you perform if you're lucky you work at a place that might give you bonuses or allow you to work on Commission so that you have a little more control over your financial future but even in that situation the only way you make more money is by making somebody else even richer when you work for yourself all of your output everything you create you get to keep the fruits of and that is the other reason now you ask well that's all well and good Ricky but I really like my safe job and I can build websites on the side why should I quit my job if I can you know boost my income through that means and you know that's a perfectly fine approach if that works for you and your lifestyle that's fine but for me I really wanted that control over my time back and the other reason is that once you go full time the impact on your potential income just shoots through the roof and the reason for that is how much more you're able to get done imagine if you were able to put the hours of the day that you normally put into your normal job into this or every moment of time that you spend working is productive time imagine how much you could get done that's what it's like for Jim and for me now when we work we work and when we're not having to work we get to live the life that we want to live so if that's something that you're interested in then considering going full-time at some point and when you're ready it could be a great idea

so what do you lose when you give up a normal job ?

the first thing that most people feel like they're losing is job security but let me ask you does job security really exist about four years ago I was working for a successful company in a good job but one day they decided that that job was no longer necessary from one moment to the next I didn't have a job now I left that company got to move back home to Idaho which I was so grateful for but I went to work at another company one of the most successful companies in the world and while there I worked with a team of eight people now of those eight people only two of them three and a half years later still work for that company one of them was the manager and he retired and another was me I voluntarily left to go do other things but of the other six four have since been let go four of them now these are not brand new employees or these are not troublemakers these are very experienced employees with a lot of knowledge and a lot of tenure at the company there is no job security not for them not for me and most likely not for you

now what's the other thing you give up you you do often give up some other benefits especially financial benefits health insurance dental insurance 401k matching if you're lucky enough to have those things at your job it can be very scary to give those things up but I made the choice to give them up and let me walk you through exactly how you could do the same thing if that's something that you're interested in doing for yourself

so let's get into the nuts and bolts what exactly do you need to do to be able to quit your day job well the get started

1.building your online passive income website

first thing is you need to get started building your online passive income website doesn't need to take you eight hours a day it's something you can do conjointly with your normal job just take some time dedicate whatever time you have if it's an hour a day maybe on a lunch break maybe it's something you do when you get up a little bit extra early in the morning but dedicate a little bit of time every day to making this happen for yourself it's not going to happen on its own you're going to have to dive in and get to work that is the first step

2.create a realistic timeline for yourself 

the second step is to create a realistic timeline for yourself you need to understand what it's actually going to take and what you can expect to happen now this is where I'm hoping I can help today when you start a brand new website your problem not going to be making a substantial income anytime in the first year in fact I'll give you a little bit of a secret that hopefully will keep you motivated to stick with this for the long term it takes about five months for most people to reach what we call pizza day that's when you earn the first five dollars on your website now that may sound absolutely nuts you're working for six months to earn a pizza but that's not what you're doing you're creating a foundation and you're creating content that's going to generate income for years to come it's just not going to happen immediately a little while back we published a video about how long it takes for brand new content on a new website to bring in about the level of traffic it's going to have for years to come and it takes about 35 weeks for it to rank and start driving that traffic to your website now we build our websites very organically we don't try to do a lot of tricky stuff because those things will get you in trouble down the road the way we build our websites takes a little bit of time but in the long run you're gonna be earning more income and you're gonna be earning it for much longer because of the way you chose to build your website so have a realistic timeline for yourself now I told you it's gonna be about five months to hit pizza day what about at 12 months at 12 months most people are about a $1000 a month or more the nice thing is that at 24 months that $1,000 is now more like eight to nine thousand dollars every single month now I have to tell you these results are not typical that's kind of legal speak but here's the thing some people aren't much more than that and other people earn less now the reason for that is how much you dedicate to the work the content itself that you create and the quality of that content and other decisions you could make like are you going to pick a really really competitive topic to make a website about how are you going to monetize that website now these are all things that we help navigate people through in our course and really the biggest mistake most people make is they don't stick with it again that first step is the most important and so sticking with it through those 24 months especially those first five is the most important thing you can do so having an understanding of what that timeline really looks like will help keep you motivated to stick it out for the long haul

3.figure out your numbers

the next thing you need to figure out to be able to quit your day job is exactly how much income you need to be able to do that now if you're really risk-averse like me and my wife we had to be able to replace our full-time income we were not willing to give that up but depending on your life situation you may be willing to take a jump a little bit sooner again understanding that time line is going to give you a realistic idea of when you could jump but you need to know how much you need to earn the easiest way to do that is to start with a current budget look at your expenses for the last few months how much are you spending and where are you spending it now I'm not talking about making cuts here and there I'm just talking about tracking that now I like to use a budgeting tool free ones online there's there's a whole bunch of them just find one that you like lots of people use mint or every dollar calm there are many other good budgeting tools that are totally free use those to track how much you're spending now on top of that you need to plan for other benefits that you're going to lose that we talked about if you have 401k matching if you have health insurance or dental insurance that's covered through work and keep in mind that it's probably going to cost you more on your own then it costs you when you were working for another company and so shop around find out what it's actually gonna cost you would add those on to your budget this is the amount that you need to be able to earn to be able to step from a full time job today to having that full time income on the side now the nice thing is that over the course of several months while you're building up this website it's going to be earning some money so by the time you're ready to actually take the dive and leave your full time job you should have some nice money that's been set aside from everything you've earned up until this point on your website so what do you need to do right now well like I said you need to get started writing 30 blog posts 30 now that can seem really intimidating especially if you feel like it's gonna take you a long time to write each and every one well in this other video that we'll link to at the end we taught how we write good blog posts in under an hour in fact in that video in about 40 minutes with Jim talking recording a video right in front of me I had to do my research on my cell phone with spotty cell reception I was able to complete a good blog post in about 40 minutes you can do that too in fact not long ago we published a podcast episode where we taught how we helped high school students to cut their writing time way down we wanted to test it out and see could high school students do what we're expecting our project 24 members to do and we gave them some training and they tried they spent 60 minutes and they fell way short so we learned from them what went wrong where did you get stuck and then we gave them another shot we gave them a different topic and in 60 minutes most of them were almost done with a good blog post now that's incredible if high school students can do it you can learn how to do it too now this is training that we're giving to our writers at project Rexburg as well project Rexburg is where we've hired writers to create content for our many new websites and we've hired a bunch of brand new brand new employees these are college students who in their first week are already - able to write these blog posts in about 90 minutes you can do that - again 30 articles in about 60 days is all you need to do to meet the project 24 timeline keep up with that in the short term and you'll be able to do great in the long term now let me tell you a little secret when I have to write every single day I get totally burned out so I get it it is intimidating it even if it doesn't take you a long time even if you can do it in an hour a day can be very hard to stay motivated and that's why I recommend that you set some goals for yourself now I'm not talking about goals where you say I'm in a earn X number of dollars six months from now that's not under your control focus on the things that are in your control like how much time you're going to spend writing you could say for the next 60 days I'm in debt I'm going to dedicate one hour every single day to writing a blog post now notice I didn't say one hour a day to working on my website most people make the mistake of spending a lot of time making their website look pretty nobody cares what your website looks like until it has good content on it so dedicate that hour a day to writing now if you want to learn more about the project 24 timeline and how you can follow this exact step-by-step process to get yourself to a full time income on the side with passive income websites in about 24 months then go check out our webinar video where we outline the timeline we talk about the different kinds of websites and the different kinds of articles that you're going to write it's just a great overview of what we call project 24 



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